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eFootball 2022 All Teams Ulocker Mod

eFootball 2022 All Teams Ulocker ModeFootball 2022 All Teams Ulocker Mod – maker “Bogo36” has unveiled the long-awaited mod that unlocks all teams in the new football eFootball 2022 from Konami. It’s not perfect, but I hope you still enjoy it!

From the author:
A new experimental Unlocker that will give you all the teams (National, Thai League, etc.).
But this is a little different. This was difficult to achieve because you will only get all these commands if you start the online process, but you cannot start a match with the online process.

If you start the game with this Unlocker, you will see a menu
Start with “1_Settings” and choose your stadium and settings. After that, you will automatically return to the Menu.
Select “2_TeamSelect” and select your teams. You will return to the Menu again.
Select “3_StartMatch” and your game will begin.
I deleted the lineup menu before the match because it was not possible to change the lineup.

1. Don’t change the squad during the match, otherwise you will also be banned from the game.
2. In some commands, sets will be replaced by some “placeholder sets”. The uniforms of licensed clubs and all the national teams that I have tried work.
3. Don’t forget to back up your old file.

1. Back up your main file (dt250_console_all.cpk)
2. Copy (dt250_console_all.cpk) file to eFootball\cpk
3. Done!




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