eFootball 2022 Gameplay Mod v7F

eFootball 2022 Gameplay Mod v7F – maker “Broni” has presented the seventh version of the gameplay (gameplay) from the twenty-first of August for the new football eFootball 2022.

From the author:
I made a new GPU, more experimental. The main goal is to make the processor more human in the superstar.

List of changes:
– CPU is less lethal in attack, makes more mistakes, makes slow passes, gets rid of more easily
– Slightly easier dribbling (don’t know how to improve further as BB defenders come back to you, no sprint after passing defender
– Better shots: more accurate
– Your players no longer stop in the middle of the action. Now when waiting for a through passage no longer falls asleep
– CPU is less efficient when dispossessing
– Foul system: different: use the ball defense to get more, especially near the processor’s penalty area. As long as petty fouls don’t whistle, you’ll get more free kicks in the offensive zone.

1. Save your original file before installation
2. Copy along the path – …\eFootball\cpk