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eFootball 2022 Graphic Mod v0.2

eFootball Graphic Mod v0.2

eFootball 2022 eFootball Graphic Mod v0.2 – maker “Endo” has introduced an updated graphic mod of the second version without the use of ReShade for the new football PES 2022.

Disabled dynamic resolution, now the game always has 100% scale.
Disabled chromatic aberration and motion blur.
Improved the quality of effects, now the game has epic effects values ​​at high game settings.
Increased values ​​for skeletal meshes.
Increased view range scale.
Improved post-processing AA quality to epic values ​​at high game settings.
Rebalanced post-processing quality preset.
Disabled secondary FSR scaling.
Increased anti-aliasing, now the game has the TAAU 5 Gen algorithm + 8 samples + tone mapper sharpness.
Improved quality of anisotropic filtering from 8 to 16 samples.
Added gamma correction.
More little tricks.

1. Save your original file before installation
2. Copy along the way:


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