eFootball 2022 Patch v0.01

eFootball 2022 Patch v0.01 – maker “mahanddeem” has presented the first full-fledged patch from the “evoweb” team platform for the new football eFootball 2022.

– All teams with correct names
– All leagues with correct names
– Major transfers: Mane to Bayern, Lewandowski and Rafinha to Barcelona, Jesus and Zinchenko to Arsenal, Sterling to Chelsea, Haaland to Manchester City, Martinez, Erickson and Martial to Manchester United, Richarlison to Totneham, Dybala to Roma, Pogba to Juventus and some other transfers,) with most of them having the correct kit numbers
– Database of July 28 in real time
– Compatible with all versions of the eF22 game.

From Author:
Up to this point, it is not possible to import graphical content into the game.
So kits and emblems are out of the question.

1. To unlock teams, use unlocker from Bogo36 – eFootball 2022 Unlocker PC v1.1.4
2. Go to C:\ProgramData and delete the “Konami” folder
3. Unzip the rar patch, then copy the contents of the cpk to the eFootball cpk folder (agree to replace the file)
4. Start the game normally.

Important note:
It is very important to run the game offline! there is a serious risk of a ban if you don’t.

Bogo36 (the great unlocker and FPS unlock patches), endo (major works to improve the game visuals), NFS_FM (THE database king), erol.kopuz16 (information on database decoding), Adrian2780 (advice and experience). Thank you all.