eFootball 2023 Human Gameplay v9bNS

eFootball 2023 Human Gameplay v9bNS by bromi – maker “bromi” presented a modified gameplay mod (gameplay) from September 7th for the new football eFootball 2023.

Changelog V9bNS:
1. restored to normal speed and impact power
2. the speed of passage is reduced, but more smooth; as a result you will get:
– slow pace
– more midfield buildup
– the processor will now make more errors when passing, will not hold the tiki-taka ball, as in its own defense zone
– easier to intercept the passage of the processor; pressing is now effective even at superstar level
– more control over the passage
3. the balance of players has been changed, as a result you will have:
– more ball control when dribbling
– better shielding
– nimble, experienced players of small stature will be slightly more resistant to contact
– more fouls
4. Reduced crazy CPU pressure:
– the game will become smoother, more realistic and less pumped
– less CPU cheating
– you might think!
– experienced players can now turn, build up, hold the ball and move the ball without 3/4 crazy robots running against you (this is football, not american football)
– You have time to shoot from the central zone!, now you can build in the middle, no need to constantly use the side lines.

1. Back up your “dt270_console_all.cpk” file
2. Replace your file with the downloaded “dt270_console_all.cpk”: