PES 2021 Gameplay Mod Plus

PES 2021 Gameplay plus by Supernova – a new addition to the gameplay “Gameplay New Challenge V3” for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 is presented.

From the Author about Gameplay New Challenge V3:
This is the best gameplay I’ve ever played on Pes!
Everything is as realistic as it should be, for people like me who get bored easily, this AI gave me back my life, with new animations, new situations, bugs, fouls, everything is very realistic/random, the CPU is finally doing new actions , the ball physics is great, indeed if you improve it, you will become a magician!

The only downside, but I strongly believe it’s because of exe 1.7.2, in cross attack I can score 1 out of 10 times, unless I have Halland or another dominant center forward, I would like to be able to just not always anticipate the defender , which hits them all head first.

From Author:
Since I’ve been asked a lot, I’m leaving you with 2 additions, the original DT18 only modified by Tufkar for thicker midfield and improved player positioning, to be included in the Gameplay Loader.
For those who play with John Roma’s Inferno patch, the db of it will be put into live cpk with a few changes to have more cpu dribbling, more hitting and some other changes…
All this is perfectly combined with EXE Gameplay New Challenge V3
I advise you to try at least DT18, it is almost the original but with a better midfield.

1. Installation of the first option (original DT18):
Must be installed – PES 2021 Gameplay New Challenge V3
Installation for – Gameplay Loader v2.7
copy the “Original Tufkar” folder to the “gameplay-loader” folder
select game mod in sider overlay – “Original Tufkar”

2. Installation of the second option (for “Inferno”):
Must be installed – PES 2021 Gameplay New Challenge V3
A patch must be installed, for example – Inferno 2023 V2.5 AIO
Installation for “Inferno” series patches
copy the “InfernoDB” folder along the path …\livecpk\InfernoDB, first save your “InfernoDB” folder.