PES 2021 Italy Stadiums For FL 23

PES 2021 Italy Stadiums For FL 23

PES 2021 Italy Stadiums For FL 23 – a new Italian stadiums pack has been introduced in the “SP Football Life 2023” series patch for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

Features from the Authors:
SP Football Life includes 29 real model stadiums and 17 fake stadiums by default, more stadiums can be added with optional add-ons, and all stadiums made for FL or PES21 can work when properly installed.

SP stadiums from the latest version are redesigned and retextured for better quality and performance, users can install SP stadiums or install stadiums from other sources, or you can mix them if you know what you’re doing.

Football stadiums are available per region so users can choose which stadiums to add, instead of having all the stadiums in one huge package, it’s not recommended to download stadiums that you will never see in the game as it will be dead weight on disk.

How to install stadiums in sider:
1- copy stadium folders to stadium server
2- copy stadium lines to map_teams.txt

1- download and open the archive, and unzip the stadiums to the server folder
Location of stadium server folder:
…\SP Football Life 2023\SiderAddons\content\stadiums

2- using a notepad, add the correct registration to the stadium map and save.
do not install a stadium that is already installed from other mods.

3. now the stadiums are set and assigned to the respective teams.

Important Notes:
– do not add the same stadiums from different sources.
– do not link more than one stadium for each team.
– always make backup copies of any modified files.
– replays recorded at sider stadiums cannot be played back, this is a known sider limitation.

example of the stadium map registration structure:
377, 009, AMEX Stadium, AMEX Stadium # Brighton
team id, stadium id, stadium folder, stadium name # optional name.

14 Italian stadium:
Artemio Franchi Stadium
Dacia Arena,
Diego Armando Maradona Stadium
Gewiss Stadium
Luigi Ferraris Stadium
Mapei Stadium
Marcantonio Bentegodi Stadium
Mario Rigamonti Stadium
Renato Dall’Ara Stadium
Sardinia Arena
Alberto Picco Stadium
Olympic Grande Torino
Paolo Mazza Stadium
Via del Mare Stadium.

Stadium Map offer:

124, 009, Artemio Franchi Stadium, Artemio Franchi Stadium # Fiorentina
190, 009, Dacia Arena, Dacia Arena # Udinese
327, 009, Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, Diego Maradona Stadium # Naples
234, 088, Gewiss Stadium, Gewiss Stadium #Atalanta
323, 009, Luigi Ferraris Stadium, Luigi Ferraris Stadium-Genoa # Genoa
240, 009, Luigi Ferraris Stadium, Luigi Ferraris Stadium-Samp # Sampdoria
1919, 009, Mapei Stadium, Mapei Stadium # Sassuolo
336, 009, Marcantonio Bentegodi Stadium, Marcantonio Bentegodi # Hellas
187, 009, Mario Rigamonti Stadium, Mario Rigamonti Stadium # Brescia
186, 009, Renato Dall’Ara Stadium, Renato Dall’Ara Stadium # Bologna
320, 009, Sardegna Arena, Sardegna Arena # Cagliari
1600, 009, Alberto Picco Stadium, Alberto Picco Stadium # Spezia
333, 009, Olimpico Grande Torino, Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino # Turin
4923, 009, Paolo Mazza Stadium, Paolo Mazza Stadium # SPAL
4237, 009, Via del Mare Stadium, Via del Mare Stadium # Lecce

Install on – PES 2021 Update 3.2 for SP Football Life 2023.