PES 2021 Pes Ultimate Top G Gameplay

PES 2021 Pes Ultimate Top G Gameplay – maker “Jacekgorecki” has unveiled the revival of the Pes Manager gameplay mod for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

Features from the Author:
Hey everyone, I’m back with an updated manager gameplay mod.
This time I can guarantee you the best Pes experience whether you are playing AI vs AI or Player vs AI.
I promise you the most dynamic and free AI you’ve ever seen.
No strings, no tracks, it’s limitless freedom.

I’m working on an Inferno based database that goes very well with my GP mod.
The gameplay is based on version 1.7.1 (you can use an alternative exe if you wish).

Installation instructions:
1 – Back up your files: pes 21 exe, dt18_all.cpk and dt13_all.cpk.
2 – Unpack PES 2021 Pes Ultimate Top G Gameplay by Jacekgorecki.
3 – Copy and paste the contents of the Data folder into the PES 21/Data folder, if prompted to overwrite, click yes.
4 – Copy the “content” folder and the contents of the “modules” folder (GameplayLoader.lua file only) to the Pes 21/Sider folder. Rewrite if asked. (If you are using the gameplay loader, you will have to add your gameplay back to the list or create a backup and replace it after installing the content).
lua.module = “GameplayLoader.lua”
5 – Copy the download folder and paste it into the Pes 21 folder. There should be no overwrite option unless you are using Holland’s Timebodycontroller.
6 – Open DPFilelist, add Pes Ultimate to TOP GAMEMODS if you are using cpk gameplay mod. Make sure it’s only the top of the game mod and not all mods. Create a new file.
After installation, activate with any program:
PES 2021 DpFileList Generator 1.0 DLC 7.0
eFootball PES 2021 Mod Manager v1.0.0 DLC 7.0
7 – If you use smokepatch for any reason, the patch will fail, so to fix it, YOU MUST REINSTALL SP 21.4.0 and 21.4.5 or whatever version you are using.
8 – (OPTIONAL): This GamePlay.lua file, which changes the weight of the ball, etc. of the player’s reactions. I’m only using 1.7.1 which is the latest version available for those who want to use an alternative exe, you don’t have to do this step. Copy the contents of the module folder to the Pes 21/Sider/modules folder. If you haven’t used this yet, add the line to your sider:
lua.module = “GamePlay.lua”