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PES 2021 SP Football Life 2023 is a new version of the patch under the auspices of “Football Life 2023” from the “pessmokepatch” team for football eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

System requirements:
Windows 7 SP1/8.1/10 (64-bit)
Intel Core i5-3470, AMD FX 4350
NVIDIA GTX 760, AMD Radeon R9 270X
DirectX 11.0
Minimum 25 GB of free hard disk space
Resolution 1280 x 720 (4K recommended).

Features from the Authors:
This is the full version of the new patch
Football Life is our attempt to continue the offline modes of the retired PES series.
Football Life is an offline soccer game with strong mods made for offline career modes only.

Main characteristics:
– season 2022/2023.
– simple installation and launch procedures.
– menu language is English, and multilingual comments are available as an add-on.
– a modified sider included in football life, including a minimum of additions.
– free career mode, can not be played online, we choose advertising and sponsorship so that our work is available to everyone for free.

the new database used is balanced for football life, but changes can be made in the standard edit mode, not everything can be edited, but two fully editable teams can be set up (as in previous versions).
Player stats are similar (but not identical) to the latest eFootball database:
every new season offers a new selection of teams and leagues, we have our own criteria for our selection, it is not possible to add all the teams and leagues that we want to add, so we choose what we think is the best and we are working on expanding the game so that in the future there were more teams and leagues.
Please note that in football life and smokepatch in general, we take the liberty of making small changes to the structure of some leagues for the purpose of a stable gameplay, this may be changed in future updates.

International competitions:
FIFA Club World Cup
FIFA World Cup
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
UEFA Super Cup
Copa Libertadores
Copa America
AFC Champions League
Africa Cup of Nations
Pre-season Friendly Cup.

Payers ID file included in archive
The list of commands is included in the archive.

* The smokepatch database is for football life only, extracting the database or content for other purposes is prohibited.
* Custom edits can be exported and imported in case of updates, see tutorial:

How to keep custom team and edits after upgrade
– Two fully editable commands are available in the patch to create your own team or create a team that is not in the patch, all commands in the patch can also be exported and imported.
– Each update comes with its own updated edit file so changes made will be overwritten by the update, this guide explains how to keep a custom team after a new update is released, this works with all versions of the game although the menus may be slightly different in both versions new games have more import options.

NOTE. Depending on the version of the game, different options may be displayed.

Before updating, launch the game and go into edit mode, go to (Data Management), then go to (Import/Export), then click on (team export) and select the team you were editing, then give the export file a little name.

Close the game and install the update or new version following the installation instructions.

After the update is successful, start the game and go to edit mode, go to data management again, then go to the team import option, select the export file from the list, the detailed settings option will appear, select all and click OK, select the edited team slot.

The customized command made in the previous version will be in the new updated edit file with all settings and changes.

add-ons are optional features that can be downloaded and added separately, most add-ons remain optional due to the large file size.
don’t add anything unless it’s specifically for Football Life 2023, each add-on has a compatibility note.
Football Life will have its own compatible content, most add-ons for old smokepatch content will not work, adding mods from other sources may work but at the user’s own risk, so be sure to make backups.

Football Life includes a modified Sider, Sider is a tool created by juce that provides more options and allows you to customize the community.

* We will make a tutorial for users not familiar with sider features.

The football life gameplay is changed and different, but it is also possible to use the PES21 standard gameplay with (FL23 switcher.exe) found in the game folder, switch and restore by running this tool again.

The hardest difficulty (Legend) will unlock after winning 5 games on Superstar difficulty.
it can be force-enabled in the seeder settings, but it is recommended to unlock it after trying and winning on Superstar difficulty.

Real faces:
real player faces are not included by default due to large file size, faces from pes21 are compatible and work in football life.

To add faces, users can get them from the add-ons menu, two versions are available: (in progress)
Faces base set (includes about 800 faces of the most famous players)
Megapack Faces (includes about 5000 faces)

Our previous facepack is also fully compatible and can be used in football life (replace the files in the game download folder), the previous facepack is about 80% correct compared to the current database.
the new mega pack will remove faces that are no longer in the database and add new faces for players added to the database.

Users who prefer to use their own face pack can add it using sider or by replacing the extra empty cpk files included in the game’s download folder, the player ID can be found in the text document (SPFL23_PDB_01.txt) in the archive.
major league managers’ faces (+100) are included in the game by default.

Commentary on the game:
a new english version of comments has been added to football life, other 15 languages will also be available (early november) as an optional add-on.
all comments updated to latest 2023 version.

Team kits:
all teams in football life have real kits, about 300 teams have updated kits for the new season, others have kits for the previous season, and more updated kits appear in updates, just like in previous editions of Smokepatch.
sider kitserver for CL icons is not enabled yet.

Included boots for 100 players, most boots of the latest design, randomly assigned to all players in the football life database.

we moved game balls to the sider, which allows you to have more balls available, also thanks to this the balls will be automatically loaded into the game depending on the tournament, the choice of the game ball can be done in the sider menu (spacebar)

SP Football Life comes with 29 real stadium models and 17 fake stadium models assigned to teams, the size of the stadium model is large, so we have kept our selection in the base game to a minimum.
adding all available stadiums may use more than 100 gigabytes of available disk capacity, users may decide to add more stadiums from our stadium add-ons (in progress), but be aware of the required size and keep in mind that you may not be able to play most of them, for example, if you add all italian stadiums and play as a team in brazil you may never see any of them in your playing career, some users prefer manager mode which doesn’t require additional stadiums.

Modified sider is included in football life by default, stadiums from pes21 can be easily added, we will create a tutorial for this when the stadium addon is released.

Stadiums in the patch:
Real stadiums:
Spotify Camp Nou – Spain
Wembley Stadium – England
Olympic Stadium – Italy
Old Trafford – England
Jose Alvalade Stadium – Portugal
Allianz Arena – Germany
Stadium of the Dead – Brazil
Caldeira Urban Stadium – Brazil
Allianz Stadium – Italy
Saitama Stadium 2002 – Japan
Maracanã Stadium – Brazil
The Monumental – Argentina
The BomboneraThe Bombonera
Mining Stadium – Brazil
Neo Chemical Arena – Brazil
Stade Louis II – Monaco
Emirates Stadium – England
Johan Cruijff ArenA – The Netherlands
Anfield – England (Page)
Etihad Stadium – England (Page)
Giuseppe Meazza – Italy (Page)
Princes Park – France (page)
Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan – Spain (Sites)
San Siro – Italy (side)
Santiago Bernabeu – Spain (side)
Signal Iduna Park – Germany (pages)
Stamford Bridge – England (Page)
Tottenham Stadium – England (Page)
Wanda Metropolitano – Spain (Page)

Fake stadiums:
General Stadium (formerly Konami Stadium)
Scorpion Stadium
Metropole Arena
New Triumph Stadium
Stadium of Sagittarius
Orione Stadium
Burg Stadium
Martingal Stadium
Rose Park Stadium
Champions Stadium
Sports Coliseum
Sports Park
New Sonne Arena
Village Road
Hoofdstad Stadium
National Stadium
Stadium of the Taurus.

1- Run (SPFL23_setup.exe)
2- Select a directory (select an empty folder: don’t install over an existing game)
3- Launch Football Life from (FL_2023 start.exe) or desktop shortcut.

1. download parts of the SP Football Life archive
2. extract the installer files from the archive
3. run the installer
4. run the game from the shortcut on the desktop or (FL_2023 start.exe)

*make sure documents folder is local (not cloud), edit file will be installed to local directory

* to use the Steam app for wireless controllers, add (FL_2023 start.exe) manually in Steam
* The seeder will start automatically with the game and close after exiting the game.

1. download the archive of parts
Download all parts of the archives.
The archive files contain the installer and can be deleted after the extraction is complete.

2. Extract the installation files
using the latest version of WinRAR or similar software, extract only the first part as shown in the picture, all parts will be extracted automatically.
make sure the parts are loaded correctly without interruption to avoid damage or extraction errors.

3. Run the installer:
after all parts are successfully extracted, in the newly extracted SPFL23 folder, run (SPFL23_setup.exe) as administrator, make sure nothing interrupts the installation process, it may take a long time to complete depending on the system.
* do not install Football Life in another game folder, choose a new empty folder.

4. Manage football life:
after the installation is complete, launch Football Life from the shortcut on the desktop, or (FL_2023 start.exe) inside the game folder
the sider will start automatically with the game and close after exiting the game.

To use the Steam app for wireless controllers, add (FL_2023 start.exe) manually in Steam.

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