Details about Durandil My League mode

Details about Durandil My League mode

This Thursday, November 30th, some were hoping for a third wave of announcements from Konami regarding the contents of the next eFootball 3.2.0 update, due for release on December 7th.

While many were waiting for information regarding the future of the My League mode, which has been rumored since last summer. But Konami has not made any official statement regarding this.

If Konami remained silent, then community investigators were not idle. Thus, Brazilian blogger Renan Galvani and French modder Durandil shared fairly accurate information on X (ex-Twitter) and Youtube about how this new mode will work.

Integrated into Dream Team
The “My League” mode will be integrated into the Dream Team mode and will be held in the form of a championship against AI. Text found in the game files indicates that you will have to choose a real team to represent in the championship. However, players will have better abilities,” explains Renan Galvani.

You should also be able to create a named manager, and there will be the ability to loan players, as is already the case in some tournaments currently.

Here are some details from Durandil that we discovered:

– You will need to register at least one player from the limited list in your game plan. The more players you register from the list in your game plan, the more “effects” you will activate.

– Other criteria associated with the players specified in your game plan will activate “effects”.

– There will be a promotion/relegation system in place.

– Before the start of each season, you can choose the club you will represent. But be careful: if you change clubs between two seasons, certain “championship information” such as promotion or relegation will be cancelled.

– Players with a Trend card (such as Players of the Week) will not be able to learn new moves in this mode.

– History will be able to store the results of your last 50 My League seasons.

– Your progress will be reset during updates. A “timeline” will be displayed to know the “exact time” of each next update. It will appear two weeks before the deadline.

– It will be possible to change teams during the season, but this will cancel your progress and the promotion/relegation status of all teams will be reset. However, your trainer’s abilities will carry over.

– There will be “rewards for the day.”

– Your coach’s abilities will develop thanks to a system of experience points received during matches.

– At the end of each season, you will receive rewards proportional to the number of matches you have played.

– Player data may change during weekly maintenance (Thursdays).

– AI difficulty level will be adjusted. Some “Spotlight” matches will have a set difficulty level.

– The name you choose for your coach will be displayed on various screens in My League mode, so those who will be live streaming or filming their game are advised not to reveal any personal information through it.

– You can choose between five playing styles (tactics), just like in other eFootball modes.

– Ability boosters will be used in this mode.

– “My League” materializes as an “event” in the Dream Team world.

– If you have difficulty meeting the game plan, you will be able to rent players, as is already the case in some Dream Team events.

– A line of text seems to indicate that there will be several trainer customization options: “information”, “movement”, “appearance” and “design”. – Your coach’s name must contain from 1 to 15 characters.