eFootball PES 2022: New Controls Quite unexpectedly for everyone, Konami has launched an alpha version of the new eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2022. We wrote about it in this article. Below is a manual for management, after the release of the game, we will need these skills.

Ball control (dribbling)
You can control the ball in different ways depending on how you use the left stick and the R2 button while dribbling. The further you press the R2 button, the faster the player dribbles. You can also bring the controlled ball closer to the player as long as you don’t tilt the left stick too far.

Tap forward (driving)
You can pitch the ball forward by fully depressing the R2 button and immediately releasing it. This is useful for both quickly crossing free space and avoiding enemy entry. When you dribble forward, the circle below the player will consist of two rings.

You can keep a close eye on the opponent you are defending by moving the left stick while pressing the X button. During matchmaking, your player will automatically try to block the opponent’s shots and passes. While matchmaking is an effective defense, your player is constantly at risk of being caught by the opponent’s feints.

Physical protection
You can force the player to try to get between the opponent and the ball by holding the L2 button. This action is useful to try and steal the ball when the opponent moves it away from the foot.


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