eFootball 2022 Unlocker PC 1.0 v2 Fix1

eFootball 2022 Unlocker PC 1.0 v2 Fix1 – maker “Bogo36” has introduced a fixed second updated mod of the first version to unlock eFootball 2022 offline teams.

V2 Fix1:
There was a bug due to which the game was blocked after the end of the match when you wanted to return to the main menu.
This should be corrected immediately.

A modified menu that allows you to access the exhibition mode (with all teams, difficulties, stadiums and balls).

Note from Author:
You can choose any team in this game (national teams, etc.), but you cannot set the AI difficulty.
I tried many different ways to get this to work but I couldn’t get it to work.

1. Save your original file before installation
2. Copy the dt250_console_all.cpk file along the path: