eFootball 2024 FPS Unlock Patch

eFootball 2024 FPS Unlock Patch

eFootball 2024 FPS Unlock Patch v3.0 – the maker introduced an unlocked FPS graphical mod for an updated version of the game for the new football eFootball 2024.

Only offline compatibility.
New version compatible with the current season (September 2023).
bogo36 editor has released a new version in order to improve the fps that are blocked in the game by default in the new efootball 2024.As such, they will feel a slight increase in fluidity while playing, as well as in replays and cutscenes.

Important note!!!
Use only in offline mode.

The increase in FPS in the game largely depends on your video card, processor and the quality in which you play.
If you have high quality components or better, you will see an increase in FPS while playing.
Conversely, if you have mid-range or low-end components, the changes you will see will be minimal.

– This file is not any kind of hack or crack. It does not contain viruses or anything like that.
– Before installation, save the original files

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