Konami Unveils Content for eFootball 2.5.0

Konami Unveils Content for eFootball 2.5.0

In a notice posted this Thursday, March 9th in-game and on its official website, Konami announces the rollout of version 2.5.0 of eFootball in the month of April, without giving an exact date.

However, the publisher gives some details about the content of this next update:

– 400 additional player slots can be added to Dream Team mode by increasing the scale from 500 to 900. These additions will be made by gradually purchasing space with GP.

– Techniques can be randomly added to players in Dream Team mode with a new consumable item: “tech training program”. Each player can receive up to five extra moves. A player can have a maximum of fifteen tricks.

– The consumable “Contract extension (10 days)” will appear. It can be obtained through the Match Pass, as event rewards, or by releasing special five-star players (Epic, Legendary, Trending, Featured, and Featured). “Honor”).

– The “transfer of knowledge” function will also appear. It will transfer all experience and technical points from one player to another. The operation will cost an amount of GP determined by the value of the “original” player. This will be removed from your club after the transfer is completed. Konami clarifies that “after optimizing the experience points of the beneficiary player, the excess experience points will not be transferred.”