Konami unveils new roadmap for eFootball

Konami unveils new roadmap for eFootball

In a notice posted this Thursday, February 16th in-game and on the official eFootball website, Konami has unveiled a new roadmap. For the first time, the return of the cooperative regime is officially mentioned.

“We receive feedback and comments daily from our valued users, and we are constantly striving to create and offer the best gaming experience by responding to your requests during version updates,” explains the publisher. “That being said, we are bringing you some new features planned for future updates.”

Spring 2023
– Increased storage space for players in Dream Team mode;
– It will be possible to add vehicles to players in Dream Team mode;
– More items will be available to extend the contracts of players in the Dream Team mode and new ways to get them.

Summer 2023
– A new feature in Dream Team mode will reset the player’s progress points. It can be obtained by paying GP;
– More substitutions can be selected in Dream Team mode.

In future
Without giving an exact timeline, Konami also mentions the upcoming availability of the following features, probably not until the second half of 2023 or even 2024:

– Master League mode (offline career);
– cooperative mode;
– editing mode;
– More selectable teams in authentic mode;
– Cross-platform between consoles;
– Cross-platform between mobile phones and consoles;
– Ability to play with a controller on a mobile phone.