My Gameplay 2023 For PES 2021

My Gameplay 2023 For PES 2021

My Gameplay 2023 For PES 2021 – I present a collection of different gameplays to achieve a more realistic gameplay for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

In this assembly, I used files from different makers..

– dt_13 and dt_19 + AI_Tweaks + Dynamic Difficulty taken from maker “Otonye” from his PES 2021 Master League Coach Gameplay Mode.
– dt_18 taken from maker “elijio876” from his PES 2021 Dream Soccer v7 (Special Edition) gameplay.
– Patch_1337 + FOULS taken from maker “Holland” from his PES 2021 New Gameplay Mod Patch.
– The .exe file is taken from Gentlemens Club 1.3 gameplay + hard free kicks.

More competent game from AI and players under the control of the user.
Changed the physics of the ball.
Some animations have been changed.
Goalkeepers are more lively, making saves according to their performance.
The center of the field now matters as well as the number of players on the field section. Create a numerical advantage in the center, on the flanks, depending on your play style. In the video you can see how AI can do it.
Playing on the defensive requires a more competent approach, throwing at every ball will only be worse for yourself.
The ball is not glued to the feet of the players, you can get around the opponent either just on a dash or feint, or playing a wall / pass.
There is a lot more that the description of which can also be found in those patches from which I took the files. Forgive me for not describing everything, I hope the video will show how good this gameplay is (although to each his own).

1. Copy the files from the Data folder to your Data folder with the replacement of files, there are also two options when choosing the dt18 file. The first is FUMA for those who play with manual control, the second is Normal for those who play with assistants.
2. In the Data folder files: dt13_all, dt18_all, dt19_all, Patch_1337. Copy and paste all of them into your Data folder.
3. From the livecpk folder, copy the FOULS folder and paste it into your livecpk folder. 4. Add a line
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\FOULS” to your Sider.
5. Copy all files from the modules folder and paste them into your modules folder. Adding lines
lua.module = “Dynamic_Difficulty.lua”
lua.module = “AI_Tweaks.lua”
lua.module = “SpeedServer.lua” to your Sider.

Please pay attention to my SpeedServer, there is a value of 20250.00. You can change it both in this file and in the game itself through the Sider call line. In the game itself, I also recommend setting the game speed to -1.

6. PES2021.exe also copy to your folder with the main game with the replacement of your .exe file (in this .exe, in addition to the gameplay, the function of complicating free kicks has been added for both the player and AI)

For those who want to use custom tactics for many teams from Klashman, I have added the PC PES 2021 Tactics folder.

Setting tactics:
1. Take your EDIT00000
2. Put it in the import folder (with the replacement of what is there)
3. Run tactics_importer.exe
4. You will have the EDIT00000_encrypted file. You need to rename it to EDIT00000 and place this file in your replacement folder (….Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE\************* * (everyone has their own number here)\save)

I definitely recommend making a backup of everything you change, just in case!