PES 2017 eFootball HANO v3 (AIO)

PES 2017 eFootball HANO v3 (AIO)

PES 2017 eFootball HANO v3 (AIO) – the team of makers has presented the full, third version of its patch for the 2023 season for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017.

The archive contains a text document with all links to the patch. Download all archives.
You don’t need any previous versions
Size: 26 GB, after extracting 80 GB!!

Database converted from eFootball 2023
Update of all summer transfers 2023-2024
The uniforms of all teams and national teams for 2023-2024 have been updated.
Updated mini faces of all players 2023-2024
Update all managers 2023-2024
Player Rating Update 2023-2024
Updated +4000 Player Face & Tattoo
Stadium upgrade +100, with FHD graphics and coverage
Egyptian League 2023
Polish Championship
CAF Champions League
AFC Champions League
Updated faces of Egyptian league players
Updated the faces of the players of the championship of Poland
Updated faces of CAF Champions League players
New menu server 2023 for all competitions
Updated entry mod for all competitions 2023-2024
All competitions are held with the latest billboards and full team billboards.
Updated club and national chants and national anthems
Team Anthem Update
Updated all pause menus 2023
Updated all real trophies 2023
Updated Players Trophy in ML&BL&New! AFRICA Trophy Best Player
Updated the minifaces of all players in the Egyptian League, Poland League and CAF Champions League teams.
Full License for FIFA WC Qatar 2022 (Entrance – Stadiums – Trophy – Banner – Billboards)
Full License for FIFA Club WC 2022 (Entrance – Stadiums – Trophy – Banner – Billboards)
Full license for Euro 2021 (Entrance – Stadiums – Trophy – Banner – Billboards)
2021 America’s Cup Full License (Entrance – Stadiums – Trophy – Banner – Billboards)
Full license for AFCON 2021 (Entrance – Stadiums – Trophy – Banner – Billboards)
Update UCL 2023 and UEL 2023
Final stadium renovation for all cups and super cups 2023
Scoreboard server for all competitions 2023
New introduction for UEL, UCL, USC, AFC and CAF
New ball server 2023 + Egyptian league ball 2023-2024 + Polish championship ball 2023
Stadium tunnel renovation
Random graphic menu (choose 2 graphic images from the selector) and the game will change between them automatically
Boots and gloves update, SB eFootball 2023 and Replay eFootball 2023 logo update
The selector contains many features, including coaches and press conference rooms in the Master League, as well as a graphical menu, match time settings, activation or deactivation of animations, and many other additions.

After downloading the patch, unpacking and transferring files, you need to run the selector and install the first graphical menu. After that, you go into anti-lag mode and activate or cancel ads. Also go to the tournament window and choose a tournament from two, either Asia and Saudi Arabia or Africa and Egypt. After that, you make a patch with an activator, turn on the sidebar and start playing, Or better, watch the video explanation below.

After downloading the patch and extracting you must open the selector and go to the graphic menu tab and select your 2 menus, after that go to the competitions and select one of them, and also go to the anti-lag mod and click on the billboards or turn them off, on in Finally, generate CPK files.

1. Why is the EDIT00000000 file not saved in the game?
We removed this feature from the previous version because it affects the faces of the players in the game.
2. Is there another way to change the EDIT00000000 file?

Yes, through the selector in the OTHER section you will find a program for modifying option files
3. Will there be additional faces like in the previous version?
Yes, over 5,000 faces will be available for download soon.

HANO Patch 4U Team (Mohanad M. Amin – El Maistro Gaming – PES Zone Makers – Ninja Face Maker – Gohar)
Thanks to all PES Editors.