PES 2017 New Kits 2023-24 Update v19

PES 2017 New Kits 2023-24 Update v19

PES 2017 New Kits 2023-24 Update v19 – the nineteenth set with kits of the 2023 season teams from different makers for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is presented.

– Download both archives and extract from the first one.
– Compatible with all patches.

Real Madrid (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Barcelona (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Juventus (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Paris Saint-Germain (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Liverpool (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Chelsea (Home, Third, GK)
Bayern München (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Manchester United (Home, Away, Third, 4th, GK)
Atletico de Madrid (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Arsenal (Home, Away, Third, 4th, GK)
Leicester City (Home, Away, Third, 4th, GK)
Newcastle (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Manchester City (Home, Away, Third, GK)
AC Milanar (Home, Away, Third, 4th, GK)
Roma (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Bristol City (Home, GK)
Schalke (Home)
Leeds United (Home, Away & GK)
Tottenham (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Inter (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Leipzig (Home, GK)
West Ham United (Home, Away & GK)
Napoli (Home, Away, Third & GK)
Real Betis (Home & Away & Third & GK)
PSV Eindhoven ( Away)
Benfica‏ (Home, 4th, GK)
Galatasaray (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Besiktas (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Leipzig (Home, Away, GK)
Fiorentina (Home & Away & GK)
Ajax (Home, Away, Third)
Wolfsburg (Home, Away, GK)
Stoke City
Stade Rennais (Home, GK)
Borussia Monchengladbach (Home & Away & Third & GK)
Hoffenheim (Home & Away & Third)
Fenerbahce (Home, 4th, GK)
Girona (Home & Away & Third & GK)
Sporting CP (Home)
Porto‏ (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Hull City (Home)
Wolverhampton (Home, Away, GK)
Newcastle Utd (Home, Away, Third , GK)
Eintracht Frankfurt (Home, Away, GK)
Getafe (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Villarreal (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Real Sociedad (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Espanyol (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Celtic (Home, Away, GK)
Southampton FC (Home, GK)
Crystal Palace| (Home, Away, GK)
Huddersfield Town (Home, Away)
Swansea City (Home, Away, GK)
Las Palmas (Home, Away, GK)
Bournemouth (Home, Away,Third, GK)
Fulham (Home, Third, Away, GK)
Feyenoord (Home)
Mallorca (Home, Away,Third, GK)
Athletic Club I Bilbao (Home, Away,Third, GK)
Everton (Home, Away, 4th ,GK)
Burnley (Home, Away,Third, GK)
Watford (Home, Away & Third, GK)
Aston Villa (Home, Away, GK)
Nottingham Forest (Home, Away & Third, GK)
Brentford (Home,Away & Third & GK)
CA Osasuna (Home, Away & Third )
SD Huesca (Home, Away)
Norwich City (Home,Away, GK)
Olympique de Marseille (Home,Away, GK)
Cadiz CF (Home, Away, Third , GK)
Al-Hilal SFC (Home, Away, GK)
UD Almeria | (Home, Away, Third, GK)
Valencia CF (Home, Away, Third,4th, GK)
Deportivo Alavés (Home, Away, GK)
RC Celta de Vigo (Home, Away)
Sevilla FC (Home, Away & Third & GK)
Brighton Albion (Home, Away,Third, GK)
Al Ittihad (Home, Away & GK)
Al Nassr (Home, Away & GK)
Luton Town FC (Home, Away,Third, GK)
Sheffield United (Home, Away,Third, GK)
Real Valladolid (Home)
TSG 1899 Hoffenheim (Home, Away )
FC Augsbourg (Home, Away & GK)
Eintracht Francfort (Home, Away GK)
FC Koln (Home, Away & Third )
Bayer 04 Leverkusen (Home, Away & Third )
FSV Mayence 05 (Home, Away )
Borussia Dortmund (Home, Away & Third.Cup & GK)
U.S. Sassuolo (Home, Away & GK)
S.S. Lazio (Home, Away & Third & GK)
Atalanta (Home, Away & GK)
AC Monza (Home, Away & GK)
Torino (Home, Away & GK)
Hellas Verone (Home, Away & Third & GK)
Bologna (Home, Away & GK)
VfL Bochum (Home, Away & Third & GK)
RayoVallecano (Home, Away & Third & GK)
MalagaCF (Home, Away & Third & GK)
GranadaCF (Home, Away & Third & GK)
SportingCP (Home, Away & Third & GK)
Inter MiamiCF (Home, Away & Third & GK)
Empoli (Home, Away )
U.S. Lecce Third (Home, Away & Third )
West Bromwich Albion (Home, Away & GK)
Genoa (Home, Away & GK)
Frosinone Calcio (Home, Away)
1. FC Union Berlin (Home, Away & GK)
U.S. Salernitana (Home, Away)
Elche CF (Home, Away & Third & GK)
Cagliari Calcio (Home)
FC Nantes (Home, Away & GK)
Montpellier (Home, Away & Third & GK)
Nice (Home, Away & GK)
RC Strasbourg (Home, Away & Third & GK)
StadeRennais FC (Home, Away & Third & GK)
Toulouse (Home, Away & GK)
Olympique Lyonnais (Home, Away & Third & GK)
AS Monaco (Home, Away & Third & GK)
Lens (Home, Away & Third & GK)
And More.


– New Badge 2023/24
– La Liga Fonts-Numbers 23/24
– EPL Fonts-Numbers 23/24
– Bayer Fonts-Numbers23/24
– Real Madrid UCL Fonts/Numbers 23/24
– Man City UCL Fonts/Numbers 23/24
– Fix UniColor
– Fix Number Dortmund
– UEFA Work
– Compatible with all patches.

Credits & Thanks to:
EsLaM, JPKits, EP 325, rockonbaPES, PESMAGIC, 4LAN KITMAKER, RNKITMAKER, FPP, HLX Kits, Hawke, NonoKitmaker, ET Games, Kits Team, meryoju, JU_kitmaker, Txiis PES KITS, akcedm_kits.