PES 2017 NSP HANO Mini Patch v10

PES 2017 NSP HANO Mini Patch v10

PES 2017 HANO Mini Patch v10 – the developers presented the tenth version of a large patch with a new season and new features for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017.

– The archive contains a text document with all links to the patch archives. Download all archives and extract from the first one.

Leagues in the patch:
Premier League
Serie A TIM
LaLiga EA Sport
Liga Portugal Bwin
1. Bundesliga
J1 League
Egyptian Premier League
Sky Bet Championship
LaLiga Hypermotion
Serie BKT
League 1
League 2
Super League
BRI League 1
Thai League 1
Roshn Saudi League.

Updated database like eFootball 2024
All 2024 teams and competitions have been updated.
Updated ratings for all players 2024
Updating UCL and UEL commands
Managers Update 2024
2024 kit update
Player faces update 2024 (+3000 faces)
New teams for the AFC Champions League
New teams for the CAF Champions League
New balls for the 2024 season
eFootball & ea Entrance
eFootball 24 Scoreboard
eFootball 24 Replay Logo
eFootball 24 Adboards
eFootball 24 Graphic Menu
eFootball 24 Intro
Season 2024 as starting year for ML and BL
AFC Champions League (Graphics – Login – Scoreboard – Billboards – Trophy – More…)
CAF Champions League (graphics – entrance – scoreboard – Reokay logo – billboards – trophy)
All Roshn Saudi League 2024 team kits have been updated
Updated mini-faces of all Roshn Saudi League 2024 players
All 2024 Egyptian League team kits have been updated.
Updated mini faces of all Egyptian League 2024 players
CAF Champions League 2024 Team Kit Update (Raja – Wydad – Sundance – Esperance Tunis – More…)
Premier League 2024 scoreboard update in ML and BL
Updated players’ body styles like in eFootball 2024
New player with 5 changes and 12 subs
Gameplay Update 2024
Updated player animations in Edit
Team Managers Update 2024
49 stadiums with HD coverage, just like in eFootball 2024
Cameroon 2021 Africa Cup of Nations Entrance (Group Round and Final), Banners and Scoreboard (Group Round and Final), Replay Logo and Winners Platform
FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 entrance, banners, billboards, replay logo and winners platform
EURO 2020 entrance, scoreboard, replay logo and winners platform
America’s Cup 2021 entrance, scoreboard, winners platform and replay logo
FCWC 2022 entrance, scoreboard, replay logo and winners platform
African League Login, Scoreboard, Cup and Menu Server
New server menu 2024 All competitions (League-Cup-Super Cup-Final)
New UCL 2023/2024 (Login – Scoreboard – Replay Logo – Billboards – Banners – Winner Platform)
New UEL 2023/2024 tournament (Login – Scoreboard – Replay Logo – Advertising Boards – Banners – Winner Platform)
New trophy as a reality for all competitions
New entry for everyone (League-Cup-Supercup) 2023/2024
New scoreboard and replay logo for everyone (League-Cup-Super Cup) 2023/2024
New pause menu for everyone (League-Cup-Supercup) 2023/2024
Tattoo Pack (+2000 players)
& More…

– This is the full version of the patch, previous versions of the patch are not needed.

1. Download all archives and extract
2. Move the KONAMI folder to the SAVE folder.
3. Copy all files of HANO Mini V10 to the game folder, but first delete all files except data.
4. Generating CPK files
5. Launch Sider and launch the game.

Gohar Gedo
Ninja Facemaker
El Maistro Gaming.

Thanks to:
Pharaoh Peseditor
Yamany Pes
all PES Editors.