PES 2017 Professionals Patch V7 AIO

PES 2017 Professionals Patch V7 AIO – finally, the seventh full version of the Professionals patch for the football simulator Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is presented.

Database converted from PES 21, we are working on PES 22 DP conversion
Abilities, teams, lineups… Everything is converted from PES 21.
Most winter transfers 2022, update soon with all 100% transfers
Master League upgrade from starter year to 21-22 season
Added Turkish Super League Instead of the Eredivisie, the biggest Dutch teams have moved to the “Other European Teams” section.
NO MORE FAKE LEAGUE!! MLS NOW ON PES Professionals Patch instead of PLA League
Redesigned selector from 0, more stable and less bugs
Added AFCON CAMEROON 2021 – Forms, Lineups, Billboards, Scoreboard….
Egyptian League 2022 Season (Kids, Scoreboard, Teams, Lineups…)
All scoreboards have been updated for the 2022 season.
New two types of stadium field that can be switched using a selector
Faces, balls, boots updated
New pause menu with different styles, no crash!!!!
Updated Player Rewards
New backgrounds for all tournaments
Competition badges now work on cups
More and more features for you to discover for yourself.