PES 2017 Sider SP17 version 2

PES 2017 Sider SP17 version 2 – To your attention, Spider Version is 3.5.1 specifically for the Smoke Patch 17 patch for the football simulator Pro Evolution Soccer 2017.

This is the second version of the program
Works on all versions of SmokePatch17

Run as administrator Sider SP17 – INSTALLER.exe, specify the path to the game
Sider.ini (settings file inside the sider folder, opened with notepad)

wide-angle camera off:
camera.dynamic-wide.angle.enabled = 0

wide angle camera included:
camera.dynamic-wide.angle.enabled = 1

No change (konami):
;lua.module = “gameplay2.lua”

apply gamplay change:
lua.module = “gameplay2.lua”

Controller side selection:
Free choice for = 1

controller off. = 0

if you want to deactivate stadium in sider:
– open (map_teams.txt) with notepad (Sider SP17\content\stadium-server)
– find the registration of the stadium you don’t want and put # at the beginning of the entry

Anfield included:
103, 004, Anfield, Anfield

Anfield disabled:
#103, 004, Anfield, Anfield