PES 2017 Tattoopack t99 Patch 2023

PES 2017 Tattoopack t99 Patch 2023

PES 2017 Tattoopack t99 Patch Season 2023 – a large pack of new tattoos for players in the PES 2017 t99 Patch series for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017.

Full compatibility with the t99 patch of all versions.
All faces in the tattoo pack are free from the Real Eyes mod.
Player face and tattoo updates.
This is AIO(full version) no previous version needed.

Notes :
This tattoo pack does not require any previous version.
A high setting is recommended, if the setting is only low-medium, the tattoo is only visible in zoom or playback mode.
Extract with the latest version of WinRar.

How to install?:
1. Encrypt the EDIT00000000 file from the patch you are using, like this:
2. Copy the option file EDIT00000000 to the folder “tattoo_appearance_2017_edit – v1.1” (in the archive).
3. Double click “tattoo_appearance_2017_edit.exe”.
Wait for the process to complete and press any key to exit.
4. A new file named “EDIT00000000_encrypted” will appear.
5. Copy the file “EDIT00000000_encrypted” to the folder “\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save” and rename it to “EDIT00000000” .
6. Create t99_tattoo.cpk under facepack or dpfilelist below.

Activation order in DpFilelist:
All Facepack(any faces)

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