PES 2021 AI Tweaks Difficulty Gameplay v4

PES 2021 AI Tweaks Difficulty Gameplay v4

PES 2021 AI Tweaks Difficulty Gameplay v4 – gameplay of the fourth version called “AI changes difficulty” for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

Features of version 4:
– Adds a delay to the main battery reaction for both teams (0 = no delay). You can use this to weaken GK.
– Makes defenders completely PASSIVE, they do not put pressure on the attacker, even if they are close, affects both teams​.
– Accepts only values 0 or 1 (0 = disable defenders, 1 = activate defenders)​.
​- The distance that the defender keeps from the attacker carrying the ball affects both teams (most likely in meters)​.
– 0 = no distance, DF goes straight to the ball​.
– Increase this value if you feel the AI is putting too much pressure on you when attacking.
– Disables/enables second person pressing for AI (does not affect manual human pressing).
– Disables/enables ball pressing from AI. Most noticeable when you run with the ball and automatically kick it off your feet.
– Disables/enables AI that marks your players when running on wings. If you disable it, you will be able to roam the flanks unhindered.
– The higher the value, the longer the distance/time the computer will dribble the ball before it can change direction.
– The higher the value, the longer the AI will hold the ball before being able to pass it.

This mod can be installed on Pro Evolution Soccer 2020.

Installation for PES 2021:
1. Setting for PES 2021 Season Update Sider 7.1.7
or for PES 2021 Sider 7.2.0 Special Edition
2. Copy the AI_Tweaks.lua file from the modules folder to a similar folder.
3. In sider.ini write:
lua.module = “AI_Tweaks.lua”
4. Select the desired option from the provided folders and copy the selected text document AI_Tweaks.ini (value settings) to the modules folder.

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