PES 2021 Chants Update V8

PES 2021 Chants Update V8

PES 2021 Chants and ChantsBase Update V8 – update to the eighth version of the chants set and database from March 17 for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

From Author:
Hey guys, I’ve updated the pack. Not many changes, but I just wish they were posted.
(1) Biggest change: As per @millossobek’s recommendation, I replaced all the basic “Konami Generic” singing audio so there is no more crowd echo. This means that whether I have a special sound for teams or not, hopefully the background will be like a real crowd for all teams. This has always been noticeable when playing teams using the basic “Konami Generic” singing sound. Hopefully it’s less now. Just note that only the overall audio has been replaced in the chant_base package.
(2) I updated the following teams, however small: Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, Everton, Heidenheim, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nottingham Forest, Osnabrück, Slovakia.
(3) I added the following player chants: Alejandro Garnacho (Manchester United), Anthony (Manchester United), Diego Forlán (Manchester United), Fabio Vieira (Arsenal), Jamal Lowe (Bournemouth), Jason Steele (Brighton), Lukasz Fabianski ( West Ham), Maxwell Cornet (Burnley), Michael Antonio (West Ham), Pascal Gross (Brighton), Ryan Yates (Nottingham Forest).
(4) I went through all the various songlist files I provided and found duplicate command IDs. This may be due to whoever gave me the original list of team ids for their patch, or to my mistake. I reviewed all carts and fixed recurring errors. I was previously informed that some of them may not have worked, so hopefully this means that all songlist files are now working as intended.

The archive contains:
1. Preds2021_Chants_V8: chants
2. Relink Chants For Patches: match for patches – (BillyKong),(EvoWeb),(GodofFootball),(Inferno),(PESUnites),(PESUniverse),(Smoke),(Streetprideitalia) – choose the option you want
3. Preds2021_ChantsMap_V8.xlsx – complete list.

What happens during installation:
– All included Bundesliga sounds and other additional teams will be automatically linked to the team IDs used by the respective patches.

How to install:
– Place after “Preds2021_Chants.cpk” in DPFileList.bin.
– Extract to “preds-root” or similar folder, replacing the original files.
– Make sure that only one chantlist.bin file is saved in sider settings. The one from the patch.

Notes on using chants:
– Teams must be licensed with the correct team ID.
– Empty sound slots have been added to teams where chants could not be found.
– The volume of all audio files must be set below the commentary.
– The volume control in the game affects the volume of the pack.

Features of the chant:
– 4 teams with 16 sing slots
– 5 teams with 14 sing slots
– 11 teams with 12 singing slots
– 37 teams with 10 sing slots
– 148 teams with 8 singing slots each
– 135 teams with 6 chant slots each
– 606 teams, each with 4 sing slots
– 331 songs of the player.

Notes on using ChantsBase:
– It acts as a bass track to the song, is the lowest background sound before any chants, whistles, cheers.
– It will last throughout the match for the home team at their home stadium.
– It works best with my chant set as the two packs complement each other. That’s why the package is now merged into the chants package.

ChantsBase features:
– 109 teams with basic crowd sound in their home stadium.
– 30 common basic crowd sounds used by other teams.

How to install (LiveCPK via Sider):
– Installation for – PES 2021 Season Update Sider 7.1.6 #13.02.23

– Extract CPK content to temporary folder with – CRI Packed File Maker
– Create a preds-root folder inside the Sider/livecpk directory.
– Copy the content folder to Sider/livecpk/preds-root.
– Edit Sider.ini in Notepad and add a new line:
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\preds-root”

How to install (DPFileList):
– Delete all old Chants related files from your PES download folder.
– Extract Preds2021_Chants.cpk to Download folder.
– Update DpFileList.bin with DpFileList generator.

Installation and generation order:
1. Preds2021_Chants_V8
2. any combination for the patch:
… and more…

After installation, activate any program:
PES 2021 DPFILELIST Generator 1.0 DLC 7.0
eFootball PES 2021 Mod Manager V1.0.0 DLC 7.0


Thanks Over The Years:
Pack Building Assistance – mauri_d & sxsxsx / Team ID’s – Albiore & NFS_FM
Chant Assistance – yoman, falcom4ever, Alessio_Luzzi, Ethan2, miguel23pc, Smokey_CL, The_Knight, masterfootball2, beto53, tomiesto, Mosh_Train, avalonmaster, Zarrix, kudret15, thuesan, mauri_d, Derek, godoffootball, angelitop, Jensehc, JaviRiver, Martovic, vulturu0707, ninet, kantonin, pedritoperez, ultra_consenza, sandujelen, ultra1312, calcioscacchi, rafael33bnu, Streetprideitalia, millossobek

Chant Sources –,, YouTube,, PES & FIFA.