PES 2021 Dream Soccer v7 (Gameplay)

PES 2021 Dream Soccer v7 (Gameplay)

PES 2021 Dream Soccer v7 (Gameplay) – is the new gameplay of the seventh version with new features for football eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

– More bugs from the processor side.
– More randomness.
– Updated ball physics.
– The top game has been greatly improved.
– The ball does not fly that far from the GC saves.
– GCs can make great saves, but they’re not superhuman.
– Adjustment of free kicks (a little more difficult).
– The ball is not tied to the players (adds more randomness).
– Updated hit animation (more realistic footage).
– Increased variety of strikes.
– Fines adjusted.
– More physical play but fouls and penalties still count.
– Removed the feeling of being on rails for players.
– Passing matters more.
– Player switching should be improved.
– Team and player stats matter more (depends on your patch).
– Updated color change for HDR TVs/displays (looks the best so far).

1. Back up and delete the old Lighting folder (if any) before copying the new one.
2. After installing reshade, delete the reshade-shaders folder and copy the new one.
3. First time installation:
add this line to your Sider.ini
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\Lighting”

DreamSoccer_HDR is for HDR displays/TVs only. On displays/TVs without HDR support, the picture will look washed out.