PES 2021 English Commentary Update v16

PES 2021 English Commentary Update v16

PES 2021 English Commentary Callname Update v16 – maker “predator002” presented the sixteenth update of English commentators with new phrases for PES 2021.

Important !!!
Download all parts, extract from the first archive

Features from the Author:
Just an update incorporating the Konami changes found in the new eFootball 2024.
There were a lot of players added (several legends), a lot of existing players that I made or were originally at Konami were updated, plus quite a few teams got the update.
Commentary for goals has also been added.
Since eFootball 2024 names take precedence over mine and existing ones, everything should continue to work fine.

Notes for use:
– English comments are required to be installed and active in the game.
– This package is an “All in One” package. Always replace the previous version with the new one.
– Compatible with PES 2021 and PES 2020 only. This pack can no longer be used with older versions of PES.
– All additions to teams and players are integrated into the editing mode in the game.
– All additions have been added to license IDs as well to facilitate automatic assignment.
– Licensed teams can use the assigned callsign name or “Default” in edit mode.
– Unlicensed teams should assign callsigns manually in edit mode.
– Also included are situational call signs for teams and players.

The file Preds2021_CallnameMap_V16.xlsx contains a complete list of players.

Player names:
3.452 original + 14.242 added
Total = 17.694.

Leagues with a new core variety of nicknames
English Premier League
English Championship
Scottish Premier League

How to install (LiveCPK via Sider):
– Make sure you have – PES 2021 Season Update Sider 7.1.4 #28.10.21
– Extract CPK contents to a temporary folder using CRI Packed File Maker.
– Create a preds-root folder inside the Sider/LiveCPK directory.
– Copy the preds-root folder to Sider/LiveCPK/…
– Edit Sider.ini in Notepad and add a new line:
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\preds-root”

How to install in the Download folder:
– Delete all old name related files from your PES download folder.
– Extract the file Preds2021_EnglishCallnames.cpk to your Download PES folder.
– Update DpFileList.bin with the program:

After installation, activate any program:
PES 2021 DPFILELIST Generator 1.0 DLC 7.0
eFootball PES 2021 Mod Manager V1.0.0 DLC 7.0