PES 2021 EPP eFifa PES Project v3

PES 2021 EPP eFifa PES Project v3

PES 2021 EPP eFifa PES Project v3 – the makers introduced the third version of a brand new patch based on SMcCutcheon PES22 FIFA Project for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

Important !!!
This is the full version of the patch, install on a clean game !!!
The archive contains a text document with a link to download the patch !!!

Features from the Author:
eFIFA PES PROJECT integrates the EA Sports FIFA database into PES2021. This means that all players from the FIFA database are also available in PES and their stats!
I’m happy to present the latest version of our mod, EPP 23 Version 3.
This patch integrates the FIFA and efootball 23 databases into PES 2021, updating all transfers, lineups and player values as of April 27, 2023.
Check out the list below for all the exciting new content included in this update.
In addition to the exciting updates mentioned above, version 3 of EPP 23 also includes the 2nd Bundesliga, which replaces Ligue 2, and the removal of the Russian League, which has been replaced by the UEFA Conference League.
We made sure that many players have new faces and that all teams have the correct form.
However, the most important aspect of this project is player statistics.
Over the past few months, I’ve been hard at work perfecting my conversion method to integrate weekly updated FIFA stats into PES.
For example, FIFA had hundreds of updates this week alone, and Erling Haaland’s stats have been updated in six separate categories.

Breakdown of the Sider module and content included in EPP 23 Version 3:
Badge Server
Ball Server
Corner Flags
GamePlayloader (you will need to activate it yourself in sider.ini)
Menu Server
weather conditions
Trophy server.

Now for the download instructions:
I put everything together in an ALL IN ONE package.
If you already have previous versions, I recommend uninstalling them all and even doing a clean install of PES 2021.
EPP V3 is compatible with the latest PES 1.07.2 without crashing in BAL and ML modes.
We also provide an EDIT0000 file containing the correct tactics, but please be aware that this will result in garbled lineups in friendly match mode.
So you can play without an EDIT file for friendly match mode, or use an EDIT file for Master League mode.
You can find all parts of EPP Mod V3 in Mediafire folder. Download all the parts and extract them until you have three regular folders: Content, Modules and livecpk.
You can use your own Sider or download the Sider I provided. The most important modules are already activated in this Sider and you can enable or disable livecpk modules and folders in the usual way by editing the sider.ini file.

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