PES 2021 Estadio de la Ceramica 2023

PES 2021 Estadio de la Ceramica 2023

PES 2021 Estadio de la Ceramica 2023 by papijonnnn – renovated Spanish football stadium “Estadio de la Ceramica” for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

For PES 2021 and PES 2020
It is the home stadium of the football club “Villarreal”.
Refurbished and updated stadium
Compatible with all patches.

New from Author:
Spotlights in each VIP room which were manually placed using .xml text editing (huge thanks to @olafmatusch @captain8lunt and @gavi83 for teaching me how to do this, it took me a while to figure it out but i finally , settled in (as you will soon see in my RB Leipzig stadium, and also with lights on the roof).​
TV screen with score embedded in LED billboards (below)​.
Amazing antenna before night matches. Thanks again to @olafmatusch and @captain8lunt for their advice/help finding objects, buildings, etc. After that, I had to add a lot of small details and lights to make it perfect.​
Real tunnel based on recent matches
Automatic change of team logos on the bench during the match, not only during cutscenes for UCL, UEL and UECL matches. (4th image below) (Hopefully soon coders/modders will be able to figure out how to add UECL to the game.)​
The theme of the TV screen is based on competitions such as UCL and UEL.
And many other small details and features that I will let you explore.

A. If the team is available in your patch (set via Map_Teams.txt)
B. If the team is NOT in your patch (installation via Map_Competitions.txt)

Do not forget to write in text documents – in map_teams.txt and map_competitions.txt

Villarreal ID : 267
Stadium ID : 009

Example of registration in map_teams.txt:
267, 009, Estadio de La Cerámica, Estadio de La Cerámica # Villarreal

Example of registration in map_competitions.txt:
65535, 009, Estadio de La Cerámica, Estadio de La Cerámica, , , # Exhibition

Install in similar folders :
PES 2021 Stadium Server 2020 v1.50
PES 2021 Stadium Server 2020 v1.40
PES 2021 Stadium Server 2020 v1.25

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