PES 2021 EvoWeb Patch 2022 Version 1.0

PES 2021 EvoWeb Patch 2022 Version 1.0 – introduced a new, first version of the patch series “EvoWeb” season 2022 for football eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

Features of version 1.0:
– 2021-22 league structure, new promoted teams added.
– Mobile list data fully imported (winter transfers 2021-22 in all leagues)
– Completely revamped Bundesliga (winter transfers 2021-22)
– New seasonal kits for all Premier League teams.
– New season uniforms for all Ligue 1 Uber Eats teams.
– New seasonal uniforms for all Serie A TIM teams.
– New seasonal kits for all Bundesliga teams
– New season kits for all SkyBet Championship teams.
– New seasonal kits for all cinch premier league teams.
– New season kits for all Ligue 2 BKT teams.
– New seasonal kits for several LaLiga Santander teams.
– More new seasonal kits in other teams (like Benfica, Porto, Sporting CP, Salzburg).
– 2021/22 Minifaces for all Premier League teams
– 2021/22 Minifaces for all Ligue 1 teams Uber Eats
– 2021/22 Minifaces for most Serie A TIM teams
– 2021/22 Minifaces for all Bundesliga teams
– 2021/22 Minifaces for all La Liga Santander teams
– Coaches updated in most leagues
– Big update in Faces folder, some new Face additions
– Newest version of Boot & Glove Pack including assignments to players via Bootlist/Glovelist.

Important notes:
– Please read the FAQ and all instructions as they may already answer your question.
– Be prepared for the fact that some of your previous installed mods, such as manager mods, will not work from the very beginning. If they don’t, turn them off.

Be sure to read before you even think about installing the EvoWeb patch.
Installing a patch on a clean game is the only reliable way to install an EvoWeb patch.
DO NOT ASSUME that the EvoWeb patch is compatible with any of the mods you have already installed – whether via .cpk files or via sider.
Keep in mind that most existing mods are made using a pure Konami game as a base to try and fix various flaws in the pure, unmodded game – big patches like the EvoWeb patch (and many other patches) include their own fixes for the same shortcomings, which also cover the mini mods.

Therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE to use both a large patch (like the EvoWeb patch) and all your old mini-mods at the same time without serious conflicts, as they both try to do the same thing in different ways.

IF YOU CONTINUE TO USE THEM at the same time, expect a lot of problems:
wrong formulations
wrong logos/team names
missing commands
absent players and/or transfers

What to do then to avoid conflicts?
Disable any mods you are using BEFORE installing the EvoWeb patch.
remove each custom .cpk from dpfilelist (if you used dpfilelist/.cpk for modding)
disable every custom cpk.root folder and/or .lua script in the seeder (if you have modified your game with the seeder)
Install the EvoWeb patch according to the instructions below.
After installation, check the game to make sure the patch is installed correctly.

But I still want to use some of the old mods because the EvoWeb patch doesn’t include the XYZ option!
Try re-activating the old mods one by one after making sure the EvoWeb patch is installed correctly, and always check if the re-enabled mod is causing any problems in the game.
If Mod X causes you any problems with the EvoWeb patch, consider that mod incompatible and disable it again. Either wait for an updated/new version that is compatible with the EvoWeb patch or stop using this mod.

Don’t complain about errors or issues after installation if you didn’t follow the tips above!
Read it BEFORE INSTALLING the EvoWeb patch and follow the instructions.

How to install (patch)?
1. Install the latest version – PES 2021 Season Update Sider 7.1.4 #28.10.21
2. It is important that DLC 7 has already been installed via Steam and launched the game once before installing this version.
3. If you installed a previous version of EvoWebPatch, first remove the entire EvoWeb Patch folder from the livecpk folder. Same with other patches you may have installed, remove them completely.
4. Add the livecpk folder from the Downloads folder to the Sider folder.
5. Open sider.ini and add the following cpk roots:

cpk.root = “.\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Boots-Gloves”
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Database”
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Faces”
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Graphics”
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Kits”

6. Add the EDIT00000000 file to the Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE\your number\save folder.
7. Clean out the WEPES and mount folders if you have added any option files before.
8. Launch Sider and play the game.

How to install (Euro 2020 MinifacesServer)?
1. Add the content and modules folders to the Sider folder.
2. Add the following lua line to the sider.ini file under the CommonLib.lua section:
lua.module = “MiniFaceServer.lua”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Q: Will there be a CPK version?
A: No, Sider is much more powerful, web compatible and you won’t run into DpFileList inconsistencies. It’s also much easier to release updates.

Q: Is EvoWeb Patch 2022 compatible with the online version?

A: Yes, you can still play online (with lineups/teams from last season).

Q: Can I play with the new seasonal squads online?
A: No, it’s not possible. You can play offline with new season data and online with last season data but with new kits.

Q: Do I need to download all Parts and how do I extract them?
A: This is a split archive, you need to download all parts. Just extract the first batch and all other parts will be extracted automatically.

Q: Many teams still have 2020-2021 uniforms and some promoted teams don’t have uniforms?
A: This is only the first version, it was quite difficult to create it without any Konami updates. More kit updates planned, we want to convert more kits from eFootball game. Be aware of!

Q: The Other Europe section only contains 10 teams, what happened to the rest of the teams?
A: At the moment, all non-Konami teams (except for the updated Salzburg team) are temporarily disabled to avoid deficient/obsolete teams.

Q: Are there plans to re-add other European teams that participated in the Champions League?
A: Yes, planned for a future update.

Q: Do you plan to update the AFC Champions League?
A: Not planned.

Q: I only see 5 kits (4 outfield and 1 goalkeeper kit) in edit mode, but this team needs his 5th, 6th kit, can you do that?
A: Keep in mind that edit mode always only shows 5 kits. On the kit selection screen when you are playing a match, there may be more to choose from.

Q: Can I use LiveUpdate with it?
A: If you play the opening match with LiveUpdate enabled, all teams revert to default settings. Disable it to be able to play with current lineups.

Q: How can I disable the live update in the starting match?
A: Disable live updates by pressing R3/right stick on the controller in the command select menu, or install the NetBlock module if you don’t need any online features.

Q: Are the names of the coaches in MyClub incorrect?
A: I have never found a clean solution for it without loss of network compatibility, so it has remained so.

Q: How many faces were added in the patch, why not more?
A: Many faces/tattoos have been added, but the patch follows the rule of quality over quantity, and also keeps the size of the patch as moderate as possible.

Q: Will we get Ballpacks, Entrance Packs, Scoreboard Packs, etc.?
A: These things are not actually part of this patch. With all these modules for Sider, there are already a lot of similar things compatible with this patch.

Q: How can I find out the player ID?
A: For players already in the game by default, go to and select the PES 2021 mobile database, and for Bundesliga players, check the Player ID table.

Q: I have Legends in the Master League, is that how it should be?
Oh no! Make sure you don’t have any other conflicting mods installed. You can also try deleting the SYSTEM00000000 file as this sometimes leads to problems.

Q: Is it possible to create real UCL/JUL groups in the Master League?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot change anything, this is a random algorithm from Konami.

Q: When will the next update be released?
A: This question will be ignored forever, don’t waste time writing it.

Q: What are the identifiers for the Bundesliga/other European teams and the League/Cup?
And lower.

1. FC KÖLN 2354
MAINZ 05 2351

@BM Kits, @Cesc Fabregas, @Hawke, @Hoppus117, @rafaam2301, @scottish_carson

Big thanks to @mota10 & @Nemanja who aren’t active anymore but provided all those great kits to our Patch in the past.
A warm welcome also to @BM Kits & @rafaam2301 who joined the Patch Team and played a massive part realising an updated kits folder.

@eulinho (Bundesliga Appearances)
@Mintal68 (Bundesliga Appearances)
@Mushroom_HK (Bundesliga Appearances)
@NFS_FM (Some Logos)
all Face & tattoo makers (especially @Fleishman)
@juce & @nesa24 (Sider)
@zlac (Kitstudio & Help on several things)
@ejogc327 (Player Data Editor)
@shawminator (CGPE)
@MFZ69 (UniNameFontPermissions Tool)
@SiuMing (Web Ted Editor)
@gabriele-150115 (Boot assignments)
For More Credits see 2021 Patch Version.