PES 2021 EvoWeb Patch 2023 v1.0

PES 2021 EvoWeb Patch 2023 v1.0

PES 2021 EvoWeb Patch 2023 v1.0 by Cesc Fabregas – the first version of the patch of the new season 2023 from the team “EvoWeb” for football eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

Features of version 1.0:
– Completely redesigned eFootball 2022/23 database
– Completely updated 2022/23 Bundesliga squads
– J1 league replace PAS league
– Liga BBVA MX replace PLA League
– Realistic Qatar World Cup squads

– New seasonal uniforms for all teams:
Premier League
Ligue 1 Uber Eats
Serie A Tim
La Liga Santander
Skybet Championship
Scottish Premiership
Ligue 2 BKT
3F Superliga
J1 League
Jupiler Pro League
Credit Suisse Super League
National Teams

– 2022/23 mini faces for all Premier League teams
– 2022/23 mini faces for all Ligue 1 Uber Eats teams
– 2022/23 mini faces for all Bundesliga teams
– 2022/23 mini faces for all Eredivisie teams
– More than 2022/23 mini faces in La Liga Santander and Serie A TIM
– Added many mini faces from eFootball.

– Coaches updated in most leagues
– The Faces folder has been completely redesigned, many new faces have been added or updated
– Newest version of boots & gloves for keepers including assignments to players via Bootlist/Glovelist.

General remarks:
– The quality of the player’s minifaces has been improved even further, the size has been increased to 180×180.
– The database of this patch was created using bin files, it is important that you do not use other mods that use database bin files, such as manager mods.

You need to disable them and request an update from the Creator.
– Database status corresponds to the eFootball database as of January 5, 2023 (excluding winter transfers).
– We have decided to put MLS teams, J2 league teams and Turkey teams in the “Other Teams” sections. It is impossible to create a realistic Turkish league without crashing.
Master League. Therefore, we decided to completely remove the League, but leave Teams.
– With the help of bin-files, we completely converted to real identifiers for both players and teams.
– It is highly recommended to use @predator002’s Commentary/Chants mod with this patch.
Please note that you are no longer using the EvoWeb Patch songlist he provided as they are no longer needed due to new real IDs.

What is planned for the near future:
– Winter transfer update after all markets close and eFootball update of all transfers.
– More kits like AFC Champions League teams.
– Coach updates with new coach images for more leagues
– More 2022/23 Minifaces

Bundesliga Team IDs:
1. FC Koln 4137
Bayer Leverkusen 128
Borussia Dortmund 126
Borussia M’Gladbach 225
Eintracht Frankfurt 226
FC Augsburg 4124
FC Bayern Munich 127
Hertha BSC 4125
Mainz 05 436
RB Leipzig 5010
SC Freiburg 227
Schalke 04 184
TSG Hoffenheim 4126
Union Berlin 4140
VfB Stuttgart 231
VfL Bochum 4128
VfL Wolfsburg 232
Werder Bremen 185.

Be sure to read before you even think about installing the EvoWeb patch.
Installing a patch on a clean game is the only reliable way to install an EvoWeb patch.

DO NOT ASSUME that the EvoWeb patch is compatible with any of the mods you have already installed – whether via .cpk files or via sider.
Keep in mind that most existing mods are made using a pure Konami game as a base to try and fix various shortcomings of the pure, unmodified game – big patches like the EvoWeb patch (and many other patches) include their own fixes for the same shortcomings which also cover mini mods.

Therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE to use both a large patch (like the EvoWeb patch) and all your old mini-mods at the same time without serious conflicts, as they both try to do the same thing in different ways.
IF YOU CONTINUE TO USE THEM at the same time, expect a lot of problems:
wrong formulations
wrong logos/team names
missing commands
absent players and/or transfers

What to do then to avoid conflicts?
disable any mods you are using BEFORE installing the EvoWeb patch.
remove each custom .cpk from dpfilelist (if you used dpfilelist/.cpk for modding)
disable every user cpk.root folder and/or .lua script in sider (if you modified your game with sider)
Install the EvoWeb patch according to the instructions you will find later in this post.
After installation, check the game to make sure the patch is installed correctly.

But I still want to use some of the old mods because the EvoWeb patch doesn’t include the XYZ option!

Try re-activating the old mods one by one after making sure the EvoWeb patch is installed correctly and always check if the re-enabled mod is causing any problems in the game.
If Mod X causes you any problems with the EvoWeb patch, consider that mod incompatible and disable it again. Either wait for an updated/new version that is compatible with the EvoWeb patch, or stop using this mod.

Don’t complain about errors or issues after installation if you didn’t follow the tips above! Read it BEFORE INSTALLING the EvoWeb patch and follow the instructions.

How to install?
1. Install the latest PES 2021 Season Update Sider 7.1.4 #28.10.21
2. It is important that DLC 7 is already installed via Steam and the game has been launched once before installing this version.
3. If you installed a previous version of EvoWebPatch, first remove the entire EvoWeb Patch folder from the livecpk folder. Same with other patches you may have installed, remove them completely.
4. Add the livecpk folder to the Sider folder.
5. Open sider.ini and add the following cpk lines:
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Boots-Gloves-AddOn”
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Boots-Gloves”
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Database”
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Faces”
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Graphics”
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Kits”
6. Add the EDIT00000000 file to the Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE\your number\save folder.
7. Clean out the WEPES and mount folders if you have added any option files before.
8. Launch Sider and play the game.

@NFS_FM (Some Logos)
all Face & tattoo makers
@juce & @nesa24 (Sider)
@zlac (Kitstudio & Help on several things)
@ejogc327 (Player Data Editor)
@shawminator (CGPE)
Meryoju (Kits)
Nono (Kits)
@MR ZERO (Boots)

Patch Team:
@Adrian2780 (Database & Minifaces)
@BM Kits (Kits & Fonts)
@Cesc Fabregas (Database, Faces, Graphics & Minifaces)
@Eddyedwards1075 (Boots & Gloves)
@gabriele-150115 (Boots & Gloves)
@Hawke (Database, Kits, Fonts, Kitserver & Menu)
@Hoppus117 (Boots & Gloves)
@ninet (Kits & Fonts)
@rafaam2301 (Kits & Fonts)
@scottish_carson (Kits & Fonts)
@SMcCutcheon (Database, eFootball Conversions)
@zlac (Tactic Files).