PES 2021 Football4Life Gameplay v2

PES 2021 Football4Life Gameplay v2

PES 2021 Football4Life Gameplay v2 – a team of makers presented the second version of the gameplay mod from January seventeenth, 2024 for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

– Significantly improved player AI
– Improved processor level. The CPU should no longer experience excessive acceleration in certain matches.
– Marking of defenders has been significantly improved. This will also mean a lot to those playing in BAL because defenders will be rated higher.
– Players will now open up more, demand the ball be passed to them and create chances to score a goal.
– Numerous parameters related to scoring goals have been changed.
– Significantly improved head strikes.
– The processor will now also play “one-two passes”.
– Improved “passing ball”. It will no longer be harsh and unnatural.
– Improved strikes. The force of the shots has not changed, but the flight altitude has been reduced slightly.
– The player’s reaction to commands has been slightly increased compared to version 1.8.
– Gameplay will now be loaded via the dt18 file.
– Numerous behind-the-scenes improvements that will make future modding easier for me that you don’t see.


1. Make a copy of the file you are replacing.
2. Move the downloaded file to the DATA folder.

1. Make sure there are no other dt18 files in the folder, as having another will spoil the gameplay.
2. There should not be any other dt18 files in the folder, even under a different name, (for example: “dt18original”.cpk, “dt18blahblah”.cpk…)
3. Recommended game speed: “-1”.