PES 2021 Football4Life Gameplay v4.0

PES 2021 Football4Life Gameplay v4.0

PES 2021 Football4Life Gameplay v4.0 – a team of makers presented the fourth version of the gameplay mod for the 2024 season for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

From the Author:
– It brings numerous improvements related to the smoothness of the game. Many of them have been modified, changed and improved.
– It will especially appeal to those users who like to dribble the ball.
– Players are generally more responsive, which may encourage some users to play faster football. But I will note that the best football will be when you play and build actions without much haste.

1. Improved ball physics when passing. What bothered me was that the ball suddenly slowed down at some points during the pass. This has now been fixed and the ball physics have become much more natural.
2. Other small changes related to short passes.
3. The player’s ball reception has been improved. You may have noticed that some animations when receiving the ball are slow. They are now faster and players receive the ball more naturally.
4. The start of the sliding animation was too slow. Players now enter slide animations faster and more naturally.
5. Improved the duration of a number of other animations to make them look more natural.
6. Headings have been improved.
7. The weakest hit has become a little stronger (I don’t think you’ll notice it, but that’s one of the things that has changed).
8. Improved player reaction when dribbling/feinting.
9. Overall player responsiveness has been improved.
10. More dribbling and variety of gameplay.
11. Even more randomness in the gameplay.
+ Many other small changes.

– I made this gameplay as a dt18 file.
– Be sure to delete my old version of the gameplay – PES 2021 Football4Life Gameplay v3.2 from the Sider folder, as well as the line of text you entered in the Sider.ini file.
– Also restart your computer before starting the game.

Copy to the “Data” folder, first save your original file.