PES 2021 Legacy OF 2024 v1 PS4/PS5

PES 2021 Legacy OF 2024 v1 PS4/PS5

PES 2021 Legacy Option File 2024 v1 PS4/PS5 – is the most complete and updated 2023 option file for PS4/PS5 season 2023 for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

There are two patch options in the archive (install one of your choice):
version with MLS
version with MX
The difference between them is only in these 2 leagues, the rest of the content is the same for both.

It includes all transfers at the European market closure and important transfers to the rest of the world’s leagues.
In addition, it has updated kits for the 2024 season for many teams and national teams.

It includes updated statistics of many players according to current events.
This options file is not compatible with other option files or hotfixes.
Updated as of December 2023.

– Bundesliga: 100% FULL
– Premier League: 100% FULL
– La Liga: 100% FULL
– Serie A: 100% FULL
– Selection (American and rest of the world) 100% FULL
– Other Latinos: 100% FULL
– Arab League: team rosters updated
– Other leagues: updated rosters.

Licensed Leagues:
Premier League
SkyBet Championship
LaLiga 2
League 1
League 2
Serie B Italia
Serie A Italia
Liga Portugal
Liga China
LIGA Arabe
AFC Champions League
Liga Thailand
Copa Libertadores
Liga Argentina
Liga Colombia
Liga de Chile
National full teams
Teams from other European countries
Dream Team.

-Download and extract the RAR file.
-Copy the entire Apply Data folder to a USB drive and then connect it to the console.
-In the game, in EDIT, IMPORT AND EXPERT mode, IMPORT.
-Select all or leagues you want to import and then
– Then check the two checkboxes and finally click OK. We are waiting for the process to finish.
-Same procedure for the Championships folder.

PC installation (for those interested):
These are the same steps as for consoles, but now the USB drive is not needed;
instead, just copy the files to the WEPES folder.

For example:

-Imported files come with WEPES folders inside, so you don’t have to manually create them again like you do the traditional way.
-In the downloaded file you will find a folder called “Championship Structure” which contains images of how they have to manually sort the leagues displayed. Do it exactly as shown in the photos to ensure everything is perfect for you.

Emerson Pereyra
Frank Valo
Más créditos dentro del archivo.