PES 2021 ML Coach Gameplay Mode v3

PES 2021 ML Coach Gameplay Mode v3

PES 2021 ML Coach Gameplay Mode v3.0 – maker “Otonye” presented the third version of the Master League coaching mode for the 2023 season for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

Features from the Author:
Continuation of the new version of the gameplay, promising a very good gaming experience for everyone who plays CPU vs CPU.
I hope you enjoy this.

GK are smarter and try to play 1 on 1, they even commit fouls (rarely) and save free kicks
Long shots more often
AI defenders block passes and shots with their bodies
Ratings influence players’ form
Fast attackers will outrun a solid defender, while solid defenders will prevent attackers from passing them.
AI dribbles more
More attacking moves from support players
AI builds from behind, but can counterattack if necessary
AI diversifies attacks and has many options, including counterattacks on counterattacks
Defense can be a mess when your team morale is low
No more automatic long aimless balls, and when the ball flies long it has a target
More fouls and injuries, more cards
Unpredictable judges (they can cancel the action or ignore it)
Rating now from 4.0 to 9.0
No more automatic free kicks
More compact commands.

There are two versions of the gameplay;
Bad Free Kicks: The free kick meter fills up quickly, making it difficult for the AI to operate.
Regular Free Kicks: The free kick meter fills normally, making it easier for the AI, but still remains balanced and allows goalkeepers to make saves.


My setup:
PES 2021 SP Football Life 2023
AI Tweeks v3 Legend
Game difficulty Superstar
Dynamic difficulty set to 0/0.
Game speed -1
Time 15 min.

Copy the selected dt18_all.cpk file and paste it into the Data folder of the Pes or FL game.
You can install the dt13_all.cpk file in the Data folder for additional animations.