PES 2021 Sider v7.2.1 Update 2024

PES 2021 Sider v7.2.1 Update 2024

PES 2021 Sider v7.2.1 Update 2024 – is an updated version of the file adding program from March twenty-eighth, 2024 for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

– This is the full version.

Features from the Author:
I just created a Github release for the 7.2.1 Special Edition update – it should contain all the latest updates that the regular 7.1.7 sider has, so the shortcode positions should be good when using the latest version of Kitserver.

Important note!!!
To avoid any questions after installing the new Sider v7.2.1, copy your registration from the previous sider.ini to the new one, from the sections – cpk.root = … and lua.module = …
To update an existing version of sider:
Replace sider.dll with a new one.
Save all other files you have.

Sider is the tool that makes everything work. Without it there are no mods. This is a matrix-like panel that appears when you press the spacebar. It’s important that you know how to use it because that’s where you choose everything: balls, markers, jerseys, stadiums and so on. I say this because in order to use them you don’t necessarily have to get it in the match settings menu before you start playing, but there.

How to choose stadiums, balls, uniforms and much more:
If you press the space bar it will appear and with the number 1 you can switch between modules.

Each module does one thing, and they are pretty self-explanatory:
Kserv.lua is responsible for selecting sets of forms. If you go to this module, numbers 6 and 7 will be your home and away jerseys.
Stadium Server.lua, for selecting stadiums. Press number 9 to go to manual selection and using F3 you can search by stadium name, otherwise go using AvPag/RePag to select the stadium.
Scoreboard Server.lua is designed for scoreboards. As before, press 9 to switch to manual selection and use AvPag/Repug to select the one you want. In exhibition mode only a few of them work, so if you are playing a League match, only the League matches will work and not the Premier League scoreboard. You can set the one you want as your favorite at number 8 to save yourself the hassle of choosing.
Ball Server.lua is balls. Same thing, number 9 to switch to manual selection, F3 to search for ball name and AvPag/Repug to go back or forward when selecting ball.

After installation, launch the game from PES2021.exe!!!
You don’t run sider, instead you just launch your game and it loads sider.dll. Version 7.2.1 (as well as version 7.2.0) does not have sider.exe because it is not actually needed in this scenario.