PES 2021 SP Football Life 2023 (Fix 2.01), patches and mods

PES 2021 SP Football Life 2023 (Fix 2.01)

PES 2021 Fix 2.01 for SP Football Life 2023 – fixes for the December 14th SP Football Life patch for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

Update summary:
– market value of players
– redesigned FL launcher
– patch/update kits
– database updates/fixes
– other minor updates/fixes.

Features to update:
* This fix requires PES 2021 SP Football Life 2023 Update v2.00
* This fix will install a new edit file, the edit file from update 2 can be used but updates will be skipped.
* Promoted teams for the new season in the South American leagues are scheduled for version 3 with the rest of the winter transfers.

player’s market value
player cost in the master league is now calculated based on the player’s attributes, just like in the first version.

redesigned FL launcher
FL_2023 start.exe:
a standard exe that will run the game normally on most systems.
FL_2023 run 12G.exe:
this launcher is designed for systems with 12th generation CPU, it uses specific CPU affinity settings.

patch/update kits
kit updates, fixes and tweaks and kit additions for all classic teams

database updates/fixes
the database is always being revised, including fixes, squad updates, and other database-related improvements.

other minor updates/fixes
many updates and fixes (updated ball models, fixed Johan Cruyff stadium at night, …)

Known unresolved issues:
creating players in the master league
creating a player in edit mode and assigning them in edit mode still causes an error in ML when the contract ends too soon (buying created players as a free agent is normal)
if no solution is found, we will create a small workaround by changing the start year.
you can not disable transfers in the first window
this option is not working yet, commands will do some translations even if the option is disabled, this is related to the previous issue and we are still looking for a good solution for it.

1- make sure SP Football Life is updated to PES 2021 SP Football Life 2023 Update v2.00
2- unzip and run (SPFL23_201.exe) as administrator and select Football Life 2023 folder.

False positive antivirus (from the Authors):
all files from smokepatch are safe and free of viruses or malware, we use batch scripting (BAT) to install and run the game, antivirus programs usually mark all files based on BAT as dangerous, and we cannot afford to buy a digital certificate, since the price for it is insane, do not let the antivirus remove or block the installation.