PES 2021 SP Football Life 2024

PES 2021 SP Football Life 2024

PES 2021 SP Football Life 2024 – a completely new patch with a new season from the “Smoke Patch” team has been introduced for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

Smokepatch Football Life 2024
version 1.00 (30.Sept.2023)
season 2023/24.

Important !!!
The archive contains a text document containing all download links.
Download all parts from any exchanger, extract from the first archive.

Features from the Authors:
SP Football Life is an experimental project that aims to continue the legacy of the career modes from the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series.
Unlike new gaming trends that focus on online gaming and pay-to-win style, SP Football Life focuses on continuing the traditional career modes and gameplay.
This free-to-play venture builds on the passion for PES’ career modes, introducing customized content and updated resources to offer players a new experience. SP Football Life does not support internet connectivity and does not provide access to PES online features or modes.

Main changes:
– updated database for the new season 2023/24
– updated gameplay
– updated graphics/audiovisual effects
– updated pre-installed add-ons

* There are 18 preset languages available in the menu.
* Installed separately, does not require anything else.

new set of teams for the new season 2023/24, all relegated teams from the lower divisions replaced the relegated teams.
Each new season comes with a new set of teams and leagues, we have our own selection criteria, it is impossible to add all the teams and leagues we want to add, so we have to choose what we think is the best, depending on league ratings and/or fan base -SP base and we are working on expanding the game to have more teams and leagues in the future.
Please note that in football and Smokepatch in general we allow ourselves to make small changes to the structure of some leagues in order to ensure a stable gameplay experience, this may change in future updates.

International Competitions:
FIFA Club World Cup
FIFA World Cup
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
UEFA Super Cup
Copa Libertadores
Copa America
AFC Champions League
Africa Cup of Nations
Pre-season friendly Cup

In the Player ID reference archive:
FL24 v1 all players
FL24 ML managers only
FL24 Classic players only.

The Saudi Pro League (currently ranked first in Asia) has replaced the Indonesian league, and the Greek league will appear this season in place of the Serbian league.
Updated squads and summer transfers, adding thousands of players to the new database, more players will be added in updates as their details become available.
The national teams remain the same as they are updated mid-season when the official national team selection process takes place.
Updated competition settings and participants, and removed the away goals rule
Updated player statistics and attributes to match the new konami database as reference; Statistics may not be accurate due to differences between games.

Building on the established gameplay of FL23, the gameplay of FL24 has accumulated many improvements and tweaks, the most notable of which are passes, crosses and free kicks, pes21 gameplay and FL23 gameplay are available in the new switch. (located in the game folder)

Graphic arts:
– updated graphics for the new season, updated competitions and team logos
– updated forms for +300 teams for the new season (there will be more in updates)
– most of the pre-installed stadiums have been updated.
– updated balls for the new season (balls for this season are from the Hawke set)
– updated stadium billboards (this season the base model is taken from the predator002 package)

Real persons:
Football Life does not contain real faces (except for ML managers), the face pack is huge in size and is available as an optional add-on, many users prefer to use their own collection of faces so they don’t need faces.

it will be a long time before the new pack becomes available, the current face pack addon is compatible with FL24 (99.5% ID match), users who have already downloaded the pack can move 8 face files (01_smkdb_fa#.cpk) from FL23 to FL24 .

Background music:
FL24 has new background music in the game menu.
Additional music playlists will be available as an add-on.
Please note that we are limiting our selection to avoid copyright infringement.

A comment:
Football Life’s commentary is adapted from eFootball and is not similar to PES.
included English commentary has been updated to the latest version v4, which adds more player names and commentary dialogue; other updated comment languages available as optional add-on (coming soon)

Lots of other updates and improvements in all aspects of the game, for users who like to mod the game even more, be sure to check out the new content before applying the content and take backups before editing any files.

1- Extract all installer files and run (SPFL24_setup.exe).
2- Select a directory (choose an empty folder: do not install over an existing game)
3- Launch Football Life using (FL_2024 start.exe) or desktop shortcut.

Special thanks:
– to everybody who contributed and helped directly or indirectly
– to Juce, Zlac, Hawke, DevPlays for sider and various lua scripts
– to predator002 for the adboards base model and audio server
– to Dragovic and Jgames for the new amazing Fans Server
– to JPkits for sharing his beautiful kits
– to edward777 for EPL scoreboard base model
– to MP for his help with the classic players.