PES 2021 SPFL24 Mega Patch AIO v1.1

PES 2021 SPFL24 Mega Patch AIO v1.1

PES 2021 FL 2024 Mega Patch AIO v1.1 – full version of the “Football Life” series patch with the March update version 1.1 for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

The archive contains two torrents for the base of the patch and for the update.
Download from both torrents.
After downloading, install the base, then update, everything is described below in the description.

Features from the Author:
First of all, this is just a selection of many mods that are compatible with FL24, and I just made some small adjustments.

Thank you:
– Hawke for his large selection of balls (over 1000!)
– Falcons for boots, gloves and EURO 2024 and America’s Cup 2024.
– minanh158 for all the effort spent on updating workwear, transfers and purchasing accessories, just like in real life, for many players.
– Football4Life for its amazing game mod.
– VirtuaRED, who worked on this amazing free patch for PES 2021.
– To all face makers and stadium creators.

About the next EURO 2024 update:
The next update will be released around May/June and will include all EURO 2024 and Copa America 2024 matches that may be available at that time.
The goal is to polish up all the bugs and glitches and also add the faces of all the national team players who compete in both competitions.

We’ll probably add some extra things like improved turf, new whistle sounds and sound FX, maybe some new animations in edit mode to give players more realistic movements instead of static ones, and more.
This will be an AIO(full patch) and the goal is to keep it around 60-70GB. The stadiums will be divided into an additional package so that you can choose which ones you want to download and avoid black screens due to the lack of a specific package.

Included in the basic version:
This is important to have as it has everything you need.
There are some bugs that are fixed in update 1.1, so both are required.

More than 1,500 faces of world football have been selected and verified by me.
La Liga EA SPORTS and Hypermotion are as full as possible since I’m Spanish, so I wanted to get as many faces for both leagues as possible.
It is obvious that there are not enough players who have not yet formed a face, especially young players who have not yet played or less important players from the lower divisions.

Accessories for the vast majority of players from top clubs have been revised.
This includes what kind of socks they wear (short or long), whether they wear any headbands, whether they wear long sleeves or not, and so on.
An additional touch that gives the game a more realistic look.

Celebrations of the most famous players have been reviewed, and the most realistic ones have been compared to those in the game.

A set of gloves and boots are added to the game and assigned to your players according to the brand and model of boots they have worn or wear hard.
For example, Kroos has always used the blue and white adidas 11pro, which is why he wears them.
Alisson Becker uses gloves of his own design because they are built in and used only by him.
Rudiger wears the Under Armor Clone Magnetico Pro 2 in black, while Kroos wears his usual Adidas 11pro.

Updated rosters of national teams and calls to the national team.
The squads are based on the most used ones over the last two months (Courtois or Militao, for example, were apparently left out of the starting XI due to injury), and the national entries are based on October/November matches.
This implies that some call-ups are a bit ‘experimental’ as many players did not travel with their national team for various reasons: for example Bellingham had to rest a shoulder and did not travel with England, or Belgium are without Courtois and De Bruyne because both injured, and Courtois has already said that he will not make it to EURO 2024.
Will update when official call-ups are announced closer to the EURO date as they will change a lot from then on.

– Added a more realistic look at body kits and shapes, as well as new player animations in edit mode instead of NPC stares.
– Any Russian team playing in European competitions has been removed and Ligue 1 should have 20 places rather than 18.
– Participants in the Champions League Libertadores and AFC were also recorded.

The clothing and player statistics have been revised. The statistics of the top scoring players in modern football have been updated based on their performances over the past few months. For example, players like Bellingham, who had a base stat of 86 in Season 24, have been upgraded to 89 because he is performing absolutely phenomenally in La Liga. Young players who are already regulars in their clubs, such as Lamin Yamal, were promoted from 72 to 81 so that he would be a more competent player on the field and would not be “crushed” by any player who, when he was 72 and he faced 79/80 players, would have beaten him. Also remember that a player’s outfit is based on their position and not their overall stat average. In other words, a center forward with 90 percent power and shooting accuracy will have an overall rating of around 90, even if he has 75 percent acceleration and speed, because the striker favors the former over the latter. Obviously if you put him in as a winger his average would drop to 80 or 70 overall.

Updated transfers until December 2023. That is, Van de Beek moved to Eintracht Frankfurt, Luis Suarez to Inter Miami, Eljif Elmas from Napoli to Leipzig, Vitor Roque to Barcelona, since he will be available in January this year.

Updated kits, as far as possible, from all leagues in the world. Finally, all teams have their own second, third and other sets if needed. There are several surprises, such as the Betis special edition at Expo 92, the Rolling Stones edition at the Clasico, Barça and 5 national teams have already received their kits from 2024: Portugal, England, France , Germany, Spain and Argentina.

New in-game soundtrack. It includes a mix of songs from old to modern FIFA and from PES 2010 to eFootball. These are separated by game, so if you only want to play FIFA 2004 songs, for example, you would go to Game Settings -> Sound and uncheck the rest of the games to only play what you want.

Custom menu and font using VirtuaRED font. It uses the current player backgrounds and the colors are more pleasing to the eye than the black and red from Football Life 24. The font is also nicer in my opinion.

The Dream Soccer V3 Special Edition game patch has been applied. This is the latest version of the famous game mod and I really liked it, especially the behavior processor. He doesn’t consistently play long balls, goalies don’t stop everything, fouls are harder to score, and overall the difference in stats between players matters. I think this is the most thoughtful game patch to date, and Legend is not easy to play, but it’s not that unfair to have to deal with the common purpose of scripting in the 90s.

The set contains more than 1000 balls. Yes, yes, more than 1000. Hawk (the creator of all balls) does not stop there, and in his set you can find almost any ball. Be it a Mikasa facebreaker, an 8-bit ball, a leather ball, the mythical 2006 Aerow 90, Tango balls, Etrusco balls, Teamgeist balls, Jabulani balls, futsal balls, Marvel special edition balls. “anything. There’s enough here to bore you.

Enabling Clashman tactics. Clashman is a strategy fanatic who has been implementing in-game tactics year after year into many clubs for use by the CPU or by yourself, in line with reality. In other words, if Liverpool use gegenpressing (intensive marking without the ball) in real life, they will do it in the game. If City are playing tiki-taka, they will use tiki-taka. This adds a nice variety and realism to Master Leagues and makes each match unique.

Updated animated billboards for many teams. This is one of the larger packages included in the patch and is completely optional if you don’t mind watching it, as it’s only meant to give the game some extra immersion. However, not all of them are updated and you may see old ads from a year or two ago that don’t use some of the clubs or the La Liga font when it was La Liga Santander. They are not ready for everyone in the Spanish league yet. The most modern is the Premier League.

The mini faces of most teams in the game have been updated to 23/24. This way, you can better differentiate your players without looking outdated like you did a few years ago, or the young guys who had gray faces when you were in the strategy section.

Updated team and national team logos in high resolution. All this is based on the UEFA/FIFA databases. You can find, for example, Celta Vigo with the centenary logo when you select it (1923-2023), and all national teams will abandon their flags in favor of each Federation’s crest, so it’s not a sticker. You’ll also notice other changes, such as more accurate colors or some details on the club logos, which are sometimes not well represented in many of the versions you see online.

Updated and improved scoreboards for most leagues. In Spain in particular, an additional mod has been included that determines when it’s derby time, so you’ll see events like El Clasico (and its version of the special color board), Basque Derby, Andalusian Derby or Madrid Derby. Overall, they are made much better than the default ones in FL24, in terms of font, marker position, or pause menu. You will notice this immediately.

Stadiums combined for the 4 biggest leagues (England, Italy, Spain and England) + Dublin Arena (Europa League 2024 final stadium). All of them have been revised and updated, with special attention to the Spanish stadiums, which have been updated with some details such as stadium surfaces or some flicker issues.

– Each league’s chants and videos are assigned and updated for many teams, as well as their entrance songs and so on.
– Implemented 5 substitutions instead of the usual 3, as in real life.

Included in update v1.1:
Internal changes have been made to some files to avoid all the glitches you’ve all reported, especially in Cup matches and transfer windows. This doesn’t mean they are completely fixed, but I haven’t found any glitches in my ML yet.
Team rosters and transfers have been updated until February 28th. Also included are some transfers to MLS (notably Inter Miami, Atalanta United and a few others).
Fixed assignments in MLS and Greek League. In the basic version, this was associated with Liga MX and the Swiss League. The Greek League is tied to a common scoreboard.
Updated kits for some European teams for UEFA EURO 2024 and Copa America 2024 Argentina and Brazil with some fixes. Kits for national teams AFCON and Asian Cup (not all) have also been updated.
Updated sponsors of some kits: Real Madrid with HP, Roma with a new sponsor, Inter Miami with a new sponsor. Some fixes in other kits.
Another revision of statistics depending on their actual performance. Examples: Bellingham rose to 90, Lunin rose from 79 to 83, etc.
New boots and gloves for some players. Example: Bellingham with his new Adidas Predator.
New random menus with legends and real players, created using game models.
Updated some chants.
Added a “Judge Face Kit” to add variety to their faces. There you will see some surprises
Added 4 stadiums: Parc des Princes (due to a black screen bug in Football Life) and updated stadiums: Martinez Valero (Elche), Malata (Racing Ferrol), El Sardinero (Racing Santander).
New game mod Football4Life 3.2 via file DT18. This game is made specifically for Football Life as FL24 is not exactly the same in terms of gameplay compared to vanilla PES 2021 (because it is based on version 1.01 and not 1.07.02).
More than 100 updated and added faces. I paid special attention to adding some youngsters like Conor Bradley, Hinshelwood, Makati, Pau Kubarsi or Kenan Yildiz, as well as updating some hairstyles and improving the appearance of some players. Example: Rodrigo de Paul, Griezmann, De Bruyne, Bellingham, Odegaard, Lamin Yamal, etc. Also added are missing players with the most goals and assists in the major leagues (Chris Wood, Elijah Adebayo, Orsolini, Mathias Sule, etc.).

Not all stadiums are included, so you’ll have to pay attention to teams that don’t have their own stadium, otherwise you’ll see it completely black. For example, if you are playing a match against PSV, Copenhagen or another similar club. Or, when you start Master League and play the International Champions Cup, it will try to load US stadiums that aren’t there. Just choose another one in Sider.

The great thing about doing it via torrent is that you can choose what you want to download. The most important thing is this

The Preds-Ads folder inside livecpk are animated billboards. It has a weight of 28 GB and if you are not interested in them, you cannot download them.

The Faces and FacesLegends folder are faces. I decided to make a personal selection of faces and update them because I guess we don’t want the game to have 25,000 faces of players we don’t even know. Both packages weigh around 11 GB, which is much less than 30 GB if you downloaded the packages from the official website. In fact, you can remove them if you want

Inside content is the stadium-server folder, which contains stadiums. If you host 5 league stadiums, I can tell you that they will take up at least 70GB of space on your hard drive. This is one of the heaviest things because they are modeled in 3D, so I recommend that you select countries or even specific stadiums that you are interested in if you don’t want it to take up so much space. Remember what I said earlier: select the stadium you have installed. If you don’t do this, black screen!

Installation of the basic version:
– First of all, you must go to your game folder, go to the Side Addons folder and delete all its contents. Leave it blank.
– Secondly, depending on what you downloaded, you can take the new SP Football Life 2024 folder from the torrent and transfer all the contents to your own. Rewrite everything.
– The file EDIT0000000000, which is located inside the “SP Football Life 2024” folder in the torrent, copy it to the following path: “Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE\2024\save”, overwriting the one located here.
– Done, you can launch the game as usual using the shortcut or if you are having problems, go to SiderAddons, run sider.exe and then run FL_2024.exe.

How to install update v1.1:
First of all, delete the following from the folders I specified:
– SiderAddons\livecpk: boot-root, boot-Add-On_12-12, boot-Add-On and Accessories_2.
– livecpk\HQ Logos\common\render\symbol\emblemLc: Delete image files named emb_0117 amp_0124, 4 in total. This will restore the Greek League logos as they were mistakenly overwritten by the Swiss Super League logos in version 1.0.
– Do the same as in version 1.0 and copy all the contents of the SP Football Life 2024 folder that you downloaded to the original one. Re-record everything again.
– The file EDIT0000000000, which is located inside the “SP Football Life 2024” folder in the torrent, copy it to the following path: “Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE\2024\save”, overwriting the one located here. The same as you did before.

Parc des Princes Stadium!!!
Select map_teams.txt inside SiderAddons\content\stadium-server and search for Parc des Princes.
Change 009 to 039.
Do the same in map_competitions.txt.

I see the faces of legends or players as referees.
Solution: This is not a bug, but I added a set of judges that also included some random people. If you want to disable it, simply delete the “Reef Faces” folder inside SiderAddons\livecpk or open Sider.ini and delete the line pointing to “Ref Faces”.

How to choose stadiums, balls, uniforms and much more:
Sider is the tool that makes everything work. Without it there are no mods. This is a matrix-like panel that appears when you press the spacebar. It’s important that you know how to use it because that’s where you choose everything: balls, markers, jerseys, stadiums and so on. I say this because in order to use them you don’t necessarily have to get it in the match settings menu before you start playing, but there.
It is very easy to use. If you press the space bar it will appear and with the number 1 you can switch between modules.

Each module does one thing, and they are pretty self-explanatory:
– Kserv.lua is responsible for selecting sets of forms. If you go to this module, numbers 6 and 7 will be your home and away jerseys.
– Stadium Server.lua, for selecting stadiums. Press number 9 to go to manual selection and using F3 you can search by stadium name, otherwise go using AvPag/RePag to select the stadium.
– Scoreboard Server.lua is designed for scoreboards. As before, press 9 to switch to manual selection and use AvPag/Repug to select the one you want. In exhibition mode only a few of them work, so if you are playing a League match, only the League matches will work and not the Premier League scoreboard. You can set the one you want as your favorite at number 8 to save yourself the hassle of choosing.
– Ball Server.lua is balls. Same thing, number 9 to switch to manual selection, F3 to search for ball name and AvPag/Repug to go back or forward when selecting ball.

You will need to start a new Master League!
Install on a clean game.
This torrent file is downloaded only through Bittorrent.