PES 2021 Stadium Server 2020 v1.60

PES 2021 Stadium Server 2020 v1.60

PES 2021 Stadium Server 2020 v1.60 – maker “Zlac” has introduced an updated program to version 1.60 to add stadiums to eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

Updated version of the program for adding stadiums to version v1.60
Compatible with all patches
This is the full version.

New opportunities:
1. Multiple stadiums can now be assigned to a teamID (using map_teams.txt) – if you assign multiple stadiums to a team (N stadiums = N assignment lines), one stadium will be randomly selected. With this change, map_teams now follows the same principle of random multiple selection as map_competition since v1.
2. [OPTIONAL CHANGE] There is now also a separate 3rd map file (map_comp_finals.txt) used to define only stadiums for final matches.

Read please:
Even if you want to use the latest Stadium Server v1.60, you DO NOT need to change anything in how the stadium server handles stadium selection for final competition matches – you don’t need to change anything in the current map_competition.txt, and you don’t even need to use the new one. map_comp_finals.txt file – just save the current map_competition.txt file as is and do not edit anything in it.
Supporting a new, more elegant and simple way to define stadiums for final matches, the new Stadium Server 1.60 is still fully compatible with the way to define stadiums for final matches before version 1.60 using only the map_competition.txt file.
If you are not comfortable with carefully rewriting large and somewhat complex text files, please do not change anything related to the current contest finals. Your old installation will still work.

So you want to upgrade to the new 1.60 way to select stadiums for cup finals?

Then please read this carefully and with understanding:
There is now an additional (3rd) map file called map_comp_finals.txt that can be used to create tasks for only final matches in competitions – essentially, this simplifies the existing finals management process – instead of adding data for finals in the form of cumbersome elements 5, 6, and 7 in map_competition.txt lines, you can now use shorter destination strings “compID, finalsStadID, finalsStadName, finalsStadPath” in the new map_comp_finals.txt file (for examples and detailed syntax, see map_comp_finals.txt archive from v1.60 ).
You can assign multiple stadiums to the same competition final in this new map_comp_finals.txt file – if so, one of the assigned stadiums will be selected.

As a side effect of having a new map_comp_finals.txt file, old entries in map_competition.txt can also be simplified – this is an optional step that you can skip, but it’s still recommended to take full advantage of the new 1.60 approach.
So how do you simplify/clean up the current map_competition.txt file? The simple last 3 values on the line that were actually used to define the stadium for the finals can now be empty and your map_competition.txt file can now be used to manage pre-final competition stages only – BUT: you still need to use all 6 commas in the map_competition entries .txt.
Depending on the competition, you can even remove dozens of lines from your current map_competition.txt file, making it easier to maintain in the future – in the new 1.60 approach, only one link in the map_comp_finals.txt file is enough to define a stadium. to the final of the competition. This is where the very, very cumbersome World Cup and/or Euro-related line blocks come to mind, just begging for these simplifications.

Simplify/remove examples (taken from the v1.60 example of the map_comp_finals.txt file available in the downloaded archive)
(a) simplification example:
Suppose you have an old destination string in your map_competitions.txt file that assigns both playoffs before the Champions League final (stadium id 005) and finals (stadium id 009).

Supposed old line in map_competitions.txt:
4, 005, Etihad Stadium, EPL-Etihad Stadium, 009, Ataturk Stadium, TUR-Ataturk Olympic Stadium

First, you simplify the line in map_competitions.txt by removing data for finals but keeping all commas – yes, you MUST still use all 6 commas (,) in map_competitions.txt to maintain compatibility with older versions:
4, 005, Etihad Stadium, EPL-Etihad Stadium, , ,

second, you add a NEW LINE to the new map_comp_finals.txt file:
4, 009, Ataturk Stadium, TUR-Ataturk Olympic Stadium

(b) deletion example:
Now let’s assume that you have an old assignment string in your map_competitions.txt file that assigns only Champions League finals (stadium id 009).

supposed old line in map_competitions.txt:
4, , , , 009, Ataturk Stadium, TUR-Antakya Ataturk Stadium

firstly, you COMPLETELY DELETE this line in your map_competitions.txt file, since this line does not contain any data for the pre-final stages (and because of this it will become completely irrelevant when you take the next step – so you delete it here in map_competitions)

second, you add a NEW LINE to the new map_comp_finals.txt file:
4, 009, Ataturk Stadium, TUR-Ataturk Olympic Stadium

Repeat for each line in the map_competition.txt file that has something to do with the final matches. Do not change anything in map_competition.txt lines that are NOT used for final matches.

Please do not request special conditions for semi-finals, best of 8 and similar playoffs prior to the finals – this will not happen. Please use manual selection if there are actually fixed semi-final stadiums, quarter-final stadiums, etc. Everything in the stadium server code is already too complicated as it is now. As usual, the designation of stadiums for finals only makes sense for cup competitions.

How to install:
Unzip the v1.60 archive and copy the modules and content folders to your sider folder (overwrite when asked)
(Optional) Copy a customized version of the sample force_weather.ini file to the GDB root folder of stadiums that need to use permanent weather settings.

Installation for – PES 2021 Season Update Sider 7.1.6 
or for PES 2021 Sider 7.2.0 Special Edition

In sider.ini write:
lua.module = “lib\CommonLib.lua”
lua.module = “StageServer.lua”
lua.module = “WeatherConditions.lua”