PES 2021 t99 patch v6 Season 2024

PES 2021 t99 patch v6 Season 2024

PES 2021 t99 patch v6 Season 2024 – maker “Tauvic” presented the sixth version of the “t99” series patch with the new 2024 season and with transfers for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

New season 2023-2024
Based on the latest efootball 2024 update (22/02/24)
Update on winter transfers for 2024 European leagues
Updated overall player rating
Update of all European leagues until the 2023-2024 season.
Update of all Asian leagues until the 2023-2024 season.
Update of all Latin American leagues until the 2024 season.
Replacing the PLA League with Major League Soccer (MLS)
Replacing the PAS league with the J1 league
Replaced PEU league with 1. Bundesliga.
Replacing the Russian League with the Serbian League.
Replacement of CSL with BRI Liga 1
Added Mexican MLS and Liga MX teams to other American teams.
Adding teams to the 2024 Asian Cup.
Adding multiple UCL participating teams in other Europe.
Adding K League teams in other Asian countries.
Added classic command
2023-2024 Champions League season updates.
ACL Updates for the 2023-2024 Season.
Updated mini faces, flags and managers.
Added ML trainers
Changes in the rules for replacing 5 players in the league.

1. Before installation, please remove the old patch first
2. Make sure you remove the options file and the old patch database file from Sider (.bin) or cpk.
3. Does not require DLC data packs 1–7.
4. Double click “t99_2021_v6_setup.exe” and enter the password to continue the installation process.
6. Choose the right installation location
7. After completing the installation process, do not forget to re-create DpFileList.bin.
8. Done.

This is just a database of patches, mods are not included in it
efootball 2023 online update is just a link to update player transfers and placements, the overall rating will not be exactly the same because the player rating system is very different from PES 2021.
This patch is a separate new version and not an update to another patch.

Made especially for those who like to tinker with mods, for first time users, if they are confused about how to install mods, they can first ask questions in the PES Facebook group.
For mod packs, accessories, stadiums and more, you can use mods you already have.

Formation or game plan updates are adjusted to reflect the team’s latest status while playing in the relevant league prior to the live update date.

For ML, BAL or other competitions you must start again
Don’t look for lost players because they were intentionally removed, players will return if they rejoin the club in t99 patch as per efootball live update.