PES 2021 Uniturf v3 Addon

PES 2021 Uniturf v3 Addon – the “endo” maker has introduced the third version of the new turf addon mod for the football simulator eFootball PES 2021

Universal field coverage kit for any stadium for stadium server.
Based on Real Turf V3 Redux without the pitch_alp texture.
Does not eliminate flickering edges, just works correctly with field coverage for any stadiums.

1. Copy the uniturf folder to the AddOn folder in the stadium folder.
2. Add a line for uniturf to addon_config.ini.
3. Go to uniturf\Global\Asset\model\bg, rename folder st0XX to your stadium id number
For example: if your stadium id is 009, just rename st0XX to st009, etc.
4. Done.