PES 2021 Update 3.1 for SP Football Life 2023

PES 2021 Update 3.1 for SP Football Life 2023

PES 2021 Update 3.1 for SP Football Life 2023 – version 3.1 update for the “SP Football Life 2023” series patch for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 has been introduced.

update summary:
– updated player statistics
– lineups updated
– Fixed minor bugs in the database
– updated/fixed more kits
– added alternative game launcher
– fixed random game mode
– Fixed issue with sound output.

update notes:
– this update requires game version 3.00, this update cannot be applied if version 3 is not installed
– this update will install a new edit file that includes porting and improvements, however you can use the previous edit file from version 3, in which case make a backup before updating.
– all modes launched with any version of Football Life 23 can continue after the update.

update details:
– updated player statistics
Player stats are updated to the latest rankings to be unbiased, stats are updated in bulk based on the latest Konami updates.

the stats can be plus or minus one point from the base reference, this is due to the differences between the states in eFootball and football life, the stats are written in Excel to increase the stats, then a slight adjustment is made to work better with the football lifestyle.

The player id is identical to Konami, unless referenced, in which case a temporary id is assigned, allowing face mods and comments to be used.

recently retired players are free agents, not yet removed from the database to preserve master league saves from previous versions.

– lineups updated
included more transfers, and added missing players to the database assigned to their respective teams, more than 350 players were added, mostly young players.

– Fixed minor bugs in the database
the script to convert the database is complex and sometimes may lead to minor issues such as players with wrong skills or players without loading or other similar problems, this is always reported and fixed in every update, this version uses a newer conversion script, which is more accurate and less error prone.

– updated/fixed more kits
included more updated and corrected kits for various teams, and fixed minor issues

– added alternative game launcher
some users have reported performance issues and game lag compared to previous versions of Football Life, so added an alternative unlimited game launcher (FL_2023 start U.exe)
this will start the game in the normal sequence but without any instructions for the CPU, this may work better for older systems, newer systems should use the standard exe (FL_2023 start.exe)

– fixed random game presentation
a bug in the (random game) mode was causing the player view to be dark, this has now been fixed and shows normal animation and ambient

– fixed problem with sound output
There was a bug reported in Master League audio settings, changing settings in-game and then returning will return you to the main menu instead of the Master League menu, this has now been fixed and audio settings can be changed at any time in Master League mode.

Installation instructions:
– be sure to install: PES 2021 SP Football Life 2023 Update v3.0
– unpack and run (SPFL23_310.exe)
– run the game from the corresponding game executable file:
FL_2023 start.exe —> use for all
FL_2023 start 12G.exe —> for Intel i5 12500/13500 or similar
FL_2023 start U.exe —> start without CPU instructions, will not work with new generation CPUs, but may work better on some older systems.