PES 2021 Update Puskas Arena 2023

PES 2021 Update Puskas Arena 2023

PES 2021 Update Puskas Arena 2023 by papijonnnn – updated Hungarian football stadium “Puskas Arena” season 2023 for football eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

Note from the Author:
Initially it was just a project to advertise the LE final, but I made a few small improvements to the stadium.
I made a UEL video ad for this stadium with a feature.

The intermediate boards are also animated and change between “UEFA LEAGUE” to “BUDAPEST FINAL 2023” just like in real life!
For this to work, you must apply the attached “Stadium-server.lua” to your internal modules folder.
It contains a line of code that allows the stadium server to have specific video ads for each individual stadium, for example: the above video ads will only work for that stadium.

Many other features are included, such as:
Actual final UEL announcements, such as in real life (via the AddOn folder)​.
Automatically changing logos for the finals (the new Entrance Server from BalkanPESBox must be installed).
Lots of small details, banners, flags, additional operators and security guards to convey the atmosphere of the European final (only for UEL Final Tournament ID: 6)​
The lights in the rooms are orange, just like in real life, and a lot of small updates were made for the EL final.​

For PES 2021 and PES 2020
It is the home stadium of the Hungarian national football team.
Updated stadium
Compatible with all patches

A. If the team is available in your patch (set via Map_Teams.txt)
B. If the team is NOT in your patch (installation via Map_Competitions.txt)

Important Note!!!
Do not forget to write in text documents – in map_teams.txt and map_competitions.txt

Hungary ID : 22
Stadium ID : 009

Example of registration in map_teams.txt:
22, 009, Puskás Arena, Puskás Arena # Hungary
6, 009, Puskás Arena, Puskás Arena # UEL Final Tournament

Example of registration in map_competitions.txt:
65535, 009, Puskás Arena, Puskás Arena, , , # Exhibition

Copy the StadiumServer.lua file to the modules folder

In sider.ini write:
lua.module = “StageServer.lua”

Install in similar folders :
PES 2021 Stadium Server 2020 v1.50
PES 2021 Stadium Server 2020 v1.40
PES 2021 Stadium Server 2020 v1.25

Copy to path: