Details of the new division system in eFootball

Details of the new division system in eFootball

Version 3.2.0 of eFootball, released on December 7th, brought significant changes to the eFootball League. Here’s everything you need to know about the new online division system in Dream Team mode.

Separation by levels
It is now impossible to meet an enemy more than two divisions away from you. Ten divisions have been divided into four closed categories, the participants of which cannot meet players from another category:

Training: Division 10
Newbie: Divisions 9 to 7
Intermediate level: divisions 6 to 4
Advanced: division from 3 to 1.

Example: If you play in Division 4, 5 or 6, you can now only date players who play in at least Division 6 and maximum in Division 4.

The rating has been expanded to the first three divisions
Now the ranking includes the first three divisions, and not just the first. Advancements between these three divisions are now based on your grade rather than points accumulated.

Once promoted to Division 3, you will only face players from Divisions 3, 2, and 1 until the end of the current stage. You will need to reach 1500 rating points to advance to Division 2, and then 1800 rating points to advance to Division 1 .

Descents during the phase
If you reach the third division, you will not be able to move lower until the end of the current stage. The same goes for divisions 6 and 9.

Descents at the end of the stage
At the end of the phase, the division you are demoted to will now be three levels lower than the best division you have ever achieved, rather than the one you were in at the end of the ending phase. You can find out your top division by going to More > User Information.

Example: If your best division since the start of the game was Division 2, you will never drop below Division 5, even if you did not play in the last season.

Bots in lower divisions
It is now possible to encounter fictional AI-controlled players. in divisions 7, 8 and 9, when the servers do not find you an opponent. You can determine whether you just fought a human or a bot by viewing your match history after the fight.