eFootball 2022 Gameplay Mod V2

eFootball 2022 Gameplay Mod V2 – maker “gabe.paul.logan” has introduced the second version of the gameplay (gameplay) for the updated version 1.0.1 of football eFootball 2022.

Features from the Author:
– Slightly faster passing speed, didn’t overdo it with eFootball slow passing and so many interceptions to start with
– Player runs have been reduced so matches can be less chaotic.
– Tried to change the values of the keepers so that there are less superhuman goalkeepers with less clumsy jumps
– Tried to make midfield tighter
– Tried to move the line of defense up the field (New)
– Tried to condense midfield as much as possible with different values (New).

Note from Author:
i don’t think it’s online compatible, it shouldn’t be.

1. Save your original file before installation
2. copy along the path …\eFootball\cpk