eFootball 2024 v3.3.0 update details

eFootball 2024 v3.3.0 update details

As planned, eFootball 3.3.0 was deployed this Thursday, January 25th during weekly maintenance. We can characterize this update as “minor” due to its content.

Korean K-League in eFootball 2024

The K-League, South Korea’s first division championship, makes its first appearance in a Konami soccer game. But this race takes place without an official license. The league’s twelve clubs share common names, logos and uniforms. In particular, they can be selected in MyLeague mode.

On the other hand, the players of these teams will be present under their real identity thanks to South Korea’s membership in FIFpro, the international union of professional footballers, which is licensed by Konami.

The names, kits and official logos of Korean clubs that have qualified for the AFC Champions League, the Asian Champions League of which Konami is an official partner, will only appear as part of this competition.

The faces of 23 K-League players have been accurately modeled. They complement those already present in e-football thanks to the AFC Champions League license, which will also be present in the general version of the respective clubs.

Five updated championships
For the start of the 2024 season, the formats and data of the five championships played in the summer have been updated: J.League 1 and 2 (Japan), Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

Ligue 1 removed from authentic mode
To everyone’s surprise and without the slightest explanation, Konami removed the Uber Eats clubs of Ligue 1, the French championship, from the authentic mode. A change that has revived the rumor that LFP is in talks for an exclusive partnership with EA Sports for EAFC25.

Receiving sets has changed
When you purchase a pack in Dream Team mode, the contents will now be immediately added to your club, without having to go through the challenge menu or inbox.

No more goalkeeper substitutions for Game of the Day
The trick of replacing the opposing goalkeeper in practice mode with the one that appeared in the game of the day no longer works. It is no longer possible to modify the goalkeeper in this mode. Several minor bugs affecting the current game mode have been fixed, most notably one that caused the legendary Castolo to disappear for some users in favor of another shooter, and which was also related to the training mode.

Miscellaneous updates
As with every update, the following data has been updated for several players and clubs, although Konami did not specify them exactly in its message:
– Command data
– Photos
– Graphics and player data
– Photos and data of managers
– Outfits
– Boots
– Club logos
– Design of mixed zones
– Stewards’ clothing
– Corner flags
– Cut scenes and animated comments.

And further
After releasing version 3.0 last summer, Konami didn’t specify that it was now possible to complete challenges while playing AI vs. AI matches. It’s official now, so it wasn’t a bug, but a desired feature.