eFootball Patcher v3.2 #07.12.2023

eFootball Patcher v3.2 #07.12.2023

eFootball Patcher v3.2 #07.12.2023 – a new program has been introduced with the ability to disable and configure some functions for the new version of the game eFootball 2024.

A small tool that allows you to remove audiences to reduce latency for average devices, and also allows you to exceed frame rates beyond the standard 60fps.
The tool is now available in three languages: Arabic, English and French.

User manual:
The tool only works on eFootball 3.2 (updated 12/07/2023).
The tool does not require additional software and runs directly.
When you extract a tool from a compressed file, the output will be a tool file and three translation folders. Do not remove them for the tool to work properly.
The tool has been verified by VirusTotal and is free of viruses or malware, according to major antivirus programs.
You can configure this tool to create a backup copy of the original eFootball.exe file without having to copy it manually.
You can undo the frame break or restore the audience at any time without the need for a backup file.
To see the frame tearing effect, you must have a monitor that can display more than 60 frames per second, such as 75Hz, 120Hz, or 144Hz.
Although the tool is completely safe, we do not provide any guarantee against any problems with your device, such as if you get the tool from a source other than this site.

Run eFootballPatcher.exe, select the desired settings.