PES 2021 AI Tweaks Difficulty Gameplay v3

PES 2021 AI Tweaks Difficulty Gameplay v3

PES 2021 AI Tweaks Difficulty Gameplay v3 – maker “Twiggy” presented the third version of the gameplay version called “AI changes difficulty” for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

Features of version 3:
I discovered that two variables that were not read during the game were actually duplicated in another part of memory and read from there. Instead, I updated the script to read/write to these addresses.
The variables are DfKickReactionAddWait and DfMark.

Value Update:
Here I will list all the values by which we can determine the effect in the gameplay with 100% confidence.

Very important notes:
– The difficulty you choose in the menu still matters (quite a lot). These buffs/nerfs won’t make the Legendary AI play like a beginner, but you will be able to tweak certain aspects that you don’t like on a certain difficulty (better/worse GK, better/worse defensive score, CPU lag). actions, etc.).

– This module will work with any existing mods (exe, cpk or dt18) as it writes directly to memory addresses that control AI boosts. I only tested it with Pes21.exe, but the method it uses to scan addresses should also work with FL23 or any other exe (hopefully some of you will confirm this!).

– I don’t know what most of these values do in the game, I just have a few guesses. Sorry, the ONLY value I know for sure is the one that controls BG lag (reflexes). Otherwise, I really hope that by sharing this with the entire community, we’ll get answers much faster than forcing me to test everything in my limited time.

Installation on PES 2021 using:
1. You must have PES 2021 Season Update Sider 7.2.1
or for PES 2021 Sider 7.2.0 Special Edition
2. Move the AI_Tweaks.lua file to the modules folder of your sider.
3. In sider.ini write:
lua.module = “AI_Tweaks.lua”
4. Add to the same folder one of the AI_Tweaks.ini presets that you will find in the archive folders.

That’s it, tweaks will be made every time you launch it through the sider. If you want to remove it, delete the line in your Sider.ini and the file.

How to setup:
1. Edit the AI_Tweaks.ini file using Notepad.
2. Change any of the values below and save (do not change the names before the values).

Potato_Lover, TomGibbons26.