PES 2021 English Commentary Update v17

PES 2021 English Commentary Update v17

PES 2021 English Commentary Callname Update v17 – maker “predator002” presented the seventeenth update of English commentators with new phrases for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

Download all parts, extract from the first archive

Features from the Author:
Quite a big update to callsigns from both a player and team perspective. In this update I have created/assigned callsigns to an additional 1675 PlayerIDs. Plus another 404 commands have been added for selection in edit mode and linked to their license IDs. As part of this I’ve also tried to correct all the misspelled command names so that hopefully they all sound more natural to both Peter and Jim now. I even added some team names for fictional football teams from movies/TV shows just for fun in the English section.

Naturally, I will continue to improve the situation with each subsequent update, however, if you notice any anomalous team or player names, please let me know and I will fix them. Hopefully people will recognize the new callsigns based on the matches, especially since all changes should be made automatically upon installation, provided you are already directly using the real ID, otherwise manual assignment will give you your names.

Finally, just to reiterate the changes to the files in this update, to the call names, including the use of the 40_Main file from now on, the UEFA comment package I previously provided should now be completed so that I can use the files to expand the call names. With this in mind, please ensure this is done in your installer when preparing for the new version.

Go to Sider/Livecpk and delete the “uefa-commentary” folder.

In sider.ini remove this line:
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\uefa-commentary”

Inside these folders, delete the eng folder:
Sider/Content/Entrance/UEFA Champions League/Final
Sider/Content/Entrance/UEFA Champions League/Group_Knockout
Sider/Content/Entrance/UEFA Europa League/Final
Sider/Content/Entrance/UEFA Europa League/Group_Knockout
Sider/Content/Entrance/UEFA Super Cup

As a final check, search Windows in your input folders for 40_Main* and delete the files.

Notes for use:
– To install and activate the game, a commentary in English is required.
– This package is an “All in One” package. Always replace the previous version with the new one.
– Compatible with PES2021 and PES2020 only. This package can no longer be used with older PES.
– All additions for teams and players are integrated into the editing mode in the game.
– All additions have also been added to license IDs to facilitate automatic assignment.
– Licensed teams can use either the assigned call name or the “Default” in edit mode.
– Unlicensed commands must be assigned a challenge name manually in edit mode.
– Also included are situational call names for teams and players.

The file Preds2021_CallnameMap_V17.xlsx contains the complete list.

Player names:
Total – 19.368

– Team names, total – 1.766:
25 Albania, 1 Andorra, 37 Argentina, 9 Australia, 6 Austria, 8 Azerbaijan
1 Belarus, 34 Belgium, 7 Bolivia, 3 Bosnia, 49 Brazil, 2 Bulgaria
4 Canada, 23 Chile, 22 China, 23 Colombia, 14 Croatia, 4 Cyprus
4 Czech, 18 Denmark, 5 Ecuador, 212 England, 1 Finland, 56 France
1 Georgia, 110 Germany, 5 Greece, 3 India, 20 Indonesia, 169 International
21 Iran, 1 Iraq, 1 Ireland, 23 Israel, 150 Italy, 41 Japan
1 Macedonia, 24 Malaysia, 20 Mexico, 1 Moldova, 1 Montenegro, 33 Netherlands
4 Northern Ireland, 6 Norway, 13 Paraguay, 11 Peru, 19 Poland, 44 Portugal
3 Qatar, 4 Romania, 27 Russia, 14 Saudi Arabia, 29 Scotland, 4 Serbia
1 Slovakia, 3 Slovenia, 19 South Korea, 170 Spain, 8 Sweden, 14 Switzerland
14 System Fake, 35 Thailand, 52 The United States, 32 Turkey, 6 UAE, 5 Ukraine
18 Uruguay, 2 Uzbekistan, 8 Venezuela, 8 Wales.

You must have PES 2021 Season Update Sider 7.2.1
or for PES 2021 Sider 7.2.0 Special Edition
– Extract CPK contents to a temporary folder using CRI Packed File Maker.
– Create a preds-root folder inside the Sider/LiveCPK directory.
– Copy the preds-root folder to Sider/LiveCPK/…
– Edit Sider.ini in Notepad and add a new line:
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\preds-root”

How to install to the Download folder:
– Remove all old files associated with names from your PES download folder.
– Extract the Preds2021_EnglishCallnames.cpk file to the Download PES folder.
– Update DpFileList.bin.