PES 2021 Football4Life Gameplay v4.3

PES 2021 Football4Life Gameplay v4.3

PES 2021 Football4Life Gameplay v4.3 – the developer presented an updated gameplay mod from the twenty-fourth of June of the 2024 season for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

– My goal is to create a football simulator, and I have put a lot of effort into reproducing the intensity of real matches.
– Players are responsive to commands, giving them plenty of opportunities to perform realistic and visually appealing actions with intense ball battles and fair refereeing decisions.
– I hope that my efforts combined to provide an enjoyable and exciting experience.
– Please follow the detailed installation instructions.
– Tested only on FL24!!! PES users will have a slightly different experience!

1. Use original FL24 files.
2. Remove all other gameplay mods, dynamic difficulty, AI settings…
3. Backup the dt18 file and then delete it. (that’s right, it shouldn’t exist at all, because it will be loaded via Sider).
4. Run all “.exe” files as administrator (FL_2024.exe, FL 2024 start.exe,sider.exe…)!

You must have PES 2021 Season Update Sider 7.2.1
or for PES 2021 Sider 7.2.0 Special Edition

1. Copy the gameplay folder to the “livepk” folder.
2. Add the line to the “sider.ini” file:
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\F4L_REALISTIC_GAMEPLAY”

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